Dunkin Donuts commercial song?

Is that “One trillion degrees” song sung by the Fountains of Wayne? Sounds like them, but maybe it’s just an easy harmony to replicate. Anyone know?

I dunno, I just chimed in to say I love that song!

All of the current Dunkin’ Donuts songs are done by They Might Be Giants.

I looked into the thread hoping it was about the 70s jingle, “Dunkin’ Donuts… it’s worth the trip!”

I was checking in to see if it was about the smoothie one where the lady goes …“KARATAAAAAAE!”

They have *yet * to get rid of that Og-bedamned “Doing things is what I like to do” crap, though.

I figured it was them. Definitely sounds like their style.

Heh… that one’s TMBG also. It reminds me of “SPIDER!”

He is our hero.