Duplicates Itunes 11.0.1

How do I get rid of all the duplicates in itunes 11.0.1? I found the show duplicates and have a window open that has them all listed twice and checked. The help I found on the web says delete them but won’t this delete both songs? Sorry to ask but I am having a lot of bother after upgrading to 11. I was forced to upgrade as the old version did not recognize my new ipod touch. When I upgraded all my playlists disapeared and I now have all these duplicates listed. When I play an album it plays the duplicates one after the other. I do not want to delete this songs and have to reload them from CD’s again.

It is possible to have duplicate songs listed in itunes even though you only have one file of the song residing on your hard drive. Deleting songs from the iTunes library will not delete them from your computer. You can uncheck copies you don’t want to delete from your library and delete the duplicates. No harm will be done to your iTunes library. If you inadvertently delete a song from your library, it’s still on your hard drive and you can add it back into the library.