iTunes Question (Duplication)

I purchased/downloaded an album from iTunes. All the individual songs appear on my iPhone, but in duplicate. The duplicates appear with a shaded circle with an arrow pointing down. Until recently it was a “cloud” icon. Anyway, when I play that album the same song plays twice.

What is this and can I get rid of the dup?


I have no idea, but I’m going to guess based on apps in app store - what you see is the songs on your phone plus the songs in “your cloud”. They indicated “in the cloud” now indicate “ready to download”? Is there a place to ask to only show what’s on your phone, not everything available?

I’ll chk. but it’s odd not all of the songs I’ve purchased/downloaded are duplicated. Thx.

No idea, but evidently others have had similar problems. Try this:

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or look for the comment from “Jimzgoldfinch” in this thread:

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Why not just delete the duplicates?