Duplicating a Google Maps

Simple question, hopefully a simple answer.

I’ve created a custom Google Map. Most of the information on it I’d like to use for a second (and third, and fourth) map. How can I duplicate the map I’ve created?


Apparently not do simple an answer. Bumping just in case

Just above the map there should be a few links. The furthest one to the right should say “link.” If you click that, it’ll give you a link back to your map.
If that doesn’t work, you could always take a screenshot, though it won’t be interactive.

Thanks Joey. I’ll need it to be interactive so the screenshot won’t work. Not sure what you mean about the link portion. So I have the link, how do I use that to get a new map that I can copy.
It’s weird that this isn’t an apparent technique. You’d think this has come up once or twice and there’s gotta be a good reason why it’s not able to be done so easily.

Check this link, and go to the bottom for “BikePortlandME”'s comment - I think this is what you want (I’ve never done any Google maps, so . . .)



That is an insanely stupid way to copy and paste a map from one file to another.

But it worked. Thanks Folacin!