Saved Google Map no longer available [Solution Found]

In the past I’ve been able to save a Google map with location markers overlaid on it. With my parents coming over to the UK next year, I wanted to create a new one for their trip that I could share with them.

But it seems like Google have removed this feature - sure, you can save location markers on your own map, but you can’t save a particular set of location markers on a different, standalone map.

Does anyone know of any alternatives I could use? Either web based or iOS based.

… and of course two minutes after posting this, I find the answer. if anyone is interested, but I’ll be asking the mods to remove the unnecessary thread!

But what you still can’t do, I think, is save alternative versions of the same map from one original. I do home exchanges, and would like to save my map of local services and restaurants with labels in different languages for different guests, but it doesn’t look as thought I could do that without having to recreate it from scratch every time.

Hah. Just the same as OP as soon as I actually do a bit of digging , I find the option to copy and save. Maybe we should both get this thread pulled…

IMHO, no need to remove the thread --it’s a helpful reminder – but perhaps a mod could change the title to “Here’s how to…”

I agree that this may be helpful to others, and there may still be room for discussion. I’ve edited the title, but I’m leaving the thread open for now.