Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday

New Moon on Monday. WTF?

As a child, I loved the video. Forgot about it for a while. Fast forward several years, I meet my husband. He is a big Duran Duran fan. Neat. And so I am submitted to his taste for Duran Duran on many a car ride. No problem.

I hear New Moon on Monday, and think, hey, I remember that. Interesting video.

And then it happens: I see the video again. I ask again: wtf? :confused:

Anyone who has seen this video, can you tell me what is going on? The lyrics are typically vague, anyway, so I didn’t think they meant much of anything (remember “The Riddle” by Nik Kershaw? Figured it was the same kind of nothing going on here, it was the 80s, after all). But upon seeing the video, it… felt like they were trying to inject it with meaning. A story. Or something.

Here’s what I see:

Simon likes French theatre.
Girl makes contact with Simon. Simon meets girl in alley, becomes her biker bitch and they drive off. Hand thrust in air signifies victory. I figure he’s going to get laid.
Rest of band shown sneaking explosives from a basement onto horse cart.
All members of band plus mystery woman wear funny squiggly line patches on their lapels. Secret code for “Buy our album, ‘Seven and the Ragged Tiger’, which also has this symbol on the album cover.”
There seem to be men who walk around with different patches on their lapels. They seem to be anti-squiggly lines.
Band members plus mystery lady meet in a roadhouse and glance surreptitiously at each other. May all get laid.
Nightfall. Anti-squigglies are wandering about.
Two guys fly a kite. Or launch a satellite. Moon shoots beams at it. Object shoots beams all over the place. Makes the anti-squigglies suspicious and angry.
Simon and some people dance nervously in the street.
Anti-squigglies come on horses to see why people are dancing nervously in the street and maybe if they have something to do with the moon shooting beams at the metal kite.
But aha! The people dancing nervously in the street are squiggly patch people! And they have torches! And Simon is their ringleader! Squiggly line patch wearers proceed to spook the horses and the anti-squigglies with their torches and fireworks, which turn out to be those explosives the band members were squirrelling away earlier.
Eventually, torches, sparklers, and fireworks overcome the anti-squigglies. They leave.
Simon and friends dance in the street with fingerless gloves. Good time is had by all.


This thread is mostly for fun. The video probably has no meaning. But I want to hear some theories!

Sounds like a twisted version of the Guy Fawkes story, maybe?