Duran Duran - Rio (Greatest MTV Video EVER!!!!)

Duran Duran - Rio - is the greatest MTV video EVER!

Number 1: ‘Rio’ - Duran Duran
Number 2: ‘All Is Full Of Love’ - Bjork
Number 3: ‘Take On Me’ - A Ha
Number 4: ‘Thriller’ - Michael Jackson
Number 5: ‘Svefn G Englar’ - Sigur Ros
Number 6: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ - Nirvana
Number 7: ‘Just’ - Radiohead
Number 8: ‘Virtual Insanity’ - Jamiroquai
Number 9: ‘Like A Prayer’ - Madonna
Number 10: ‘Here It Goes Again’ - OK Go



“Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel should definitely be in there.

Of all the Duran Duran videos (and songs) I wouldn’t put Rio anywhere near my top 50. Girls On Film, Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, and View To A Kill all trump it, easily.

Wow. “All is full of love” is awesome.

As should “money for nothing”

Peter Gabriel is always the first person i think of in contests like this. The video for “Sledgehammer” is awesome.

Really? With the cheesy flying cameras?

Absolutely. It’s an awful video, but it’s better than Rio (in the pantheon of Duran Duran, that is).

The original cut of “Girls on Film” (www.youtube.com /watch?v=kQIy-NjvL5I NSFW due to boobage) is so much better than “Rio” that they aren’t even in the same league.

What a terrible list.
Almost none of them deserve to be on there, with the exception of Bjork and maybe Radiohead (although I would have chosen Street Spirit).

I’m glad Take On Me made the list. It’s my favorite video.

Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More kicks Rio’s ass. :slight_smile:

Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” is missing.

Definately Addicted to Love and Sledgehammer.

I also have a fondness for David Lee Roth’s Just a Gigolo/I ain’t got Nobody.

Bjork’s “I Miss You” should be on there.

There’s one video missing from this list which renders it suspect…

I’m tellin all y’all it’s Sabotage!!!
and for Tom Petty, you might want to also consider Mary Jane’s Last Dance
And no Buddy Holly by Weezer?

I’ve always maintained that Thriller was the pinnacle of this art form. That said, Take on Me and Sledgehammer are my favorites.

The early videos are the most creative, I think. The form was new and people tried out interesting things with the technology available at the time. Any vidoes I’ve seen lately are mind-numbing; but then, so is the music.

Sorry, but I’ll have to go for this one. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

And it stands the test of time. As relevant now as it ever was.

That’s probably because 90% of rap videos are basically showcases for excessive bling and 90% of rock videos are mopey artists trying to be “artsy”.
Also, no love for Tool’s creepy videos?

Thank you. I forgot how incredibly hot this video was (and still is!).

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