During the "surge," internal refugees in Iraq have more than doubled (to 1.1M)

According to the Red Crescent, and the UN’s International Organization for Migration.

Whether the “surge” caused this is debatable, but it definitely is not a good sign.

How (if at all) will it affect policymaking and debates in Washington?

More statistics on Iraq during the surge.

It’s not bad news. This is a sign the surge is working. People in Iraq now feel safe enough to travel the country freely to visit relatives. And they feel wealthy enough to take as many of their possessions as they can carry with them.

It’s just the same as snowbirds driving from New York to Florida in the fall!

I wonder if there are any spin positions open on Pennsylvania Ave?

A coincidence, the accidental confluence of horrors. Voluntary ethnic cleansing, getting gone while the getting is still good. Who wouldn’t?

I’m sure I would, if I were an Arab living in Kirkuk.

History Will Not Absolve UsYOU that is.

Dollars to donuts that not more than two or three Americans will take the time to read this article. And if so, ‘bother’ commenting on it.

In that scenario, would starting a war that turns out to be a really stupid fuckup that causes hundreds of thousands needless deaths and more than a million refugees count as a “crime against humanity”? Or would that designation be limited to more specific things, like torture of detainees?