HERE'S What Shrub's Mission has "Accomplished!"

According to Oxfam.

Woohoo! We sure showed them! And it only took us half a trillion dollars and the lives of 3000+ Americans and 600K+ Iraqis! Whaddya say we go into Iran for an encore? Huh? Is that a great idea or what!?! Team America! Fuck, yeah!

I weep.

It will end up being way over a trillion. The mental and physical repair of the returning soldiers will be expensive. The replacement of all the bombs,ammunition ,trucks and military ware will be huge. There will be a tremendous need to find new soldiers. What a mess.

What’s so infuriating to me about the whole thing is that it was 100% voluntary on our part. There was no danger, no pending threat, no reason in the world to start this conflagration. And we knew it, and did it anyway.

By all estimates, at least a hundred thousand people have died in Iraq so far. It’s probably a lot more than that. Look at how devastated we were by the loss of three thousand innocent people on 9/11, then multiply it by 30 or 50 or 100 – I can’t even imagine losses on that scale. If another nation did this much harm to us, so carelessly, we would never, ever forget it.

everything I’ve seen suggests that the VA will find a way to avoid the costs, My prediction is there will be spikes in vets in the following systems: homeless, corrections, mental health, morgues.

But we support our soldiers. At least the Shrubies say so. But do they really?

Don’t forget that Baghdad is now receiving abut one hour a day of electricity. Too bad that it is about 130 degrees this time of year. Boy, we are really letting the Middle East see the wonders of democracy, aren’t we?

Sure we support 'em. Morally. Just don’t ask for any more fucking money for stuff that doesn’t A) explode, or B) transport things that explode.

Don’t worry. Martin Hyde will be along shortly to tell you how wonderfully things are going in Iraq.

And good fucking luck with that. My brother just separated himself from the guard/reserves because of the completely brainless, skills-wasting, soldier-killing misuse of our fighting men that is happening right now.

We are taking truck drivers, putting them through a two week training course and telling them they are infantrymen? Are you kidding me? Using guys outside their MOS (waaaaaaaaay fucking outside it, sometimes) is a pretty good way to (1) get them or the guys next to them killed, or (2) waste millions of dollars and years of training by sending highly skilled SF operators to guard driveways at Camp Victory because of empty slots on a table of organization.

As some great satirists said, the less you plan to do about something, the more you must talk about it.

But 9/11 changed everything. We have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.

It’s just too bad they can’t figure out a way to support the troops that doesn’t kill so many of them.

What’s this “we” shit? “We” had nothing to do with it. The Powers That Be took it upon themselves to lie to pretty much everyone, including themselves, to justify this horror show.

In a perfect world, The Powers That Be would be facing trial in The Hague for war crimes. Unfortunately, this ain’t a perfect world, and Bush and his cronies and minions will likely skate off into the sunset once they’re through with their plunder. Or January 20, 2009, whichever comes first.

Off the top of my head thought: Anyone wanna bet that the war will be over between Election Day and Inauguration Day? Because I can see that happening.


But the US has ensured it controls Iraq’s oil, and Bush got re-elected.
So it was all worth it. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I don’t even like sport but it was wonderful seeing the Iraqi’s have a moment of euphoria over football. They so deserved that moment of happiness and it seemed the WHOLE country was happy, if only it would last (though firing guns into the air should stop being the way to express happy!).

If a country ever deserved to win a stupid sports event Iraq is that country!

Not a chance. If the war is entirely contained within the Bush presidency, there will be no one to blame for it but Bush. Bush will make the next guy/girl deal with it, and then spend the rest of his life complaining that the insurgency was in its last throes and Iraq was about to become a paradisiacal democracy at peace with itself and the rest of the world, when those democrats came in and ruined everything. He’s already laying the groundwork for this strategy by complaining about the congressmen and senators that are turning against him. And of course Martin Hyde will be defending that point of view on these boards as well.

Remind me again who elected them? Twice?

Come on everyone. Just wait for a little while longer and we’ll know it’s working.

And then if we don’t know if in little while, we can just wait a little while longer. Repeat unitl Jan. 2009

My guess is that Bush won’t do that. I expect that then or earlier he’ll order an attack on Iran, in an attempt to nail us down even more. Iraq, then Iran has been the plan all along ( along with Syria, most likely ). Bush and the neocons don’t want us to leave, ever, and they’ll do anything they can to get us further stuck in.