DVD on Thinkpad Question

I’m trying to watch a DVD on my laptop. The video will start out fine, but after, say, a minute, the audio begins to jerk and click. Then the video jerks in synch with the audio. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the performance degrades as time progresses. Some DVDs seem to work better than others. I can watch all of the short deleted scenes from “Best In Show,” but as soon as I fire up the whole movie, click click click.

I just updated my audio driver and the DVD program from IBM’s web site. It should be running fine. I’ve closed all programs that are not necessary to run the computer. Any suggestions? I can find anything that helps on IBM’s web site. Thanks.

(I have a Thinkpad 600E with 128MB ram, if anyone cares.)

Or, rather, can’t find anything that helps.

A different DVD player app might help, but if it was working fine before with the same DVDs that are erratic now and there’s noting you’ve installed in the interium that would be robbing system CPU resources, then a hardware checkup is probably in order.

You also might try updating your MS directx version and try playing with a lower color depth an/or screen resolution.

Thanks to Mediamatics’s seemingly apathetic online help file, I had to edit the registry to “enable MS Navigator,” whatever the hell that means.

Users like me should not have to edit the registry.