DVD Player > Dish Box > TV - Help?

TheKid received a DVD player for Xmas. Her TV is also the current recipient of the Dish Network receiver.
I cannot figure out how to hood up the fraggin’ DVD player to the receiver.
The DVD player came with the red/white/yellow plugs and I plugged them into video out in the DVD player / into the red/white/yellow spaces in the receiver.

Ain’t working.

I called Memorex (DVD mfr) - closed. Absolutely NO support online.
I called Dish Network - they referred me to Memorex.

The TV does not have the red/white/yellow plug ins, only the coaxial cable plug in, which is being used by the receiver.

On the living room TV, which does not have a receiver, all we need to do is press the TV/Video button on the remote and we’re good to go.

I’m confused, she’s irritated. Help? Someone?

The red/white/yellow plugs on the Dish Network receiver are not inputs, but outputs. The receiver box is not designed to pass through signals from other devices.

If the only input to the TV is via the RF (coaxial) connector, then you will need to get an RF modulator at Radio Shack or someplace similar. This will have inputs for the red/white/yellow RCA connectors from the DVD Player and will create RF output on (usually) channel 3 or 4.

If you need to have both the DVD and the Dish Receiver share the coax connector, then you will also need an RF switch, which can take the 2 coaxial inputs and let you manually switch between the receiver and the DVD.

A better solution for ease of use and picture quality would be to buy a new TV. They have really come down in price, and most new TVs will accept multiple input connections. I’m betting that both the Dish receiver and the DVD player (if it’s new) will have HDMI output connectors, which will give you the best picture quality.

You will never get anywhere as long as TheKid is the dish recipient. :wink: