DVD to .mov on PC - even possible?

Title is somewhat self-explanatory. And before it’s locked, this is for work. Client provided a “home” video interview of one of his customers for testimonial purpose. Gave me a DVD - I assumed it was already web-converted (.mov, .mpg, .wmv) etc.

It wasn’t. It’s a true DVD file.

It’s only 30 seconds long, and I don’t need Chapters or metadata or anything like that. I simply want it as a .mov for presentation purposes.

I found a free DVD ripper that pulled it off DVD to .mpg. I then purchased Quicktime Pro, thinking it could handle that - but it’s converting it with no sound.

Oh - most importantly - I’m on a PC

Argh! Anyone know if this is even possible? I googled all kinds of stuff, with no help whatsoever.

Thanks in advance.

Most likely, your DVD ripper is pulling off the audio stream as a separate file. You can check the help file or other documentation of the DVD ripper to see how it handles audio.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with a DVD ripper. If it is a home made DVD, it won’t be encrypted so just copy the .vob file(s) to your hard drive and rename them to .mpg and then run them through Quicktime Pro or whatever.

I have a real pet peeve against Quicktime as the last time I went to install it, it hijacked my file associations even AFTER I unselected all the boxes so I refuse to deal with .qt or .mov files but that is just a personal quirk. The .wmv format will give you better compression (IMHO).

I will now retreat to my bunker and let the Mac people lob grenades my way.

I’m a Mac person, and I think that Quicktime sucks as well. Of course, I have no love for wmv, either.

My two fallback sources for any video/audio conversion issues are

Both have lots of information about how to do conversions from one video format to another, including links to free software downloads (when available).

Are the mpgs you got out of the dvd ripper without audio, or did you lose the audio going from mpg to mov? If the latter, there’s probably some crazy setting you have to find in Quicktime to get it to output both the video and sound in one file.