D'ya ever just feel like drinking?

I like alcohol. I really do. But I rarely consume any. Now if I’m at a party… Well, I can get really fun. But no one invites me to parties anymore, so my alcohol consumption is the occasional beer with lunch or dinner. Maybe four times a year for that. And Mrs. L.A. has a good nursing job with paid vacation time. So there’s about a week a year where I might have as many as three drinks a day. But sometimes…

Tuesday evening I had two Kraken-and-ginger ales, just because I felt like it. With the change in the weather, I feel like hanging out on the deck, listening to Third-Wave Ska and Reggae, and drinking traditional daiquiris and mojitos. OK, I don’t have any white rum, I don’t have any limes, and I don’t have any mint. (I can make simple syrup.) But still… Wouldn’t it be nice?*****

So how about you? Do you ever just feel like drinking?
*****In actuality I’d get bored pretty quickly. But it’s nice to think about. :wink:

Yeah, I have little difficulty in not only feeling like it, but following through.

I party with friends maybe 10 or 12 times a year, but I can easily pull a George Thorogood.

Never heard of Kraken so I googled it. What spices? What does it taste like? And how well does it go with ginger ale? More info please.

And yes, I often feel like drinking so I pour some scotch into a glass. Or I go to some fancy restaurant and have some fancy drink that has more style than liquor, I suppose. Last one was called “First Kiss” at Pappadeaux’s and I don’t know what all was in it but it was good. Not as good as a first kiss, tho.

I try to limit when I feel like drinking. I’ve gotten it down to only feeling like it in the afternoon and the evenings. When I worked midnights, I felt like it all the time in the morning.

All the time.

I can go for a couple of Caesars, mojitos, on a deck or patio any afternoon.

In the evening, I like a few pints and a game with the boys!

Otherwise, I can easily put back a case jamming on guitar in the kitchen, at the cottage, or at a campfire!

Rum and ginger go well together. What is being described is a riff on the Dark and Stormy cocktail, which is properly made with dark rum and ginger beer (a spicier, more ginger forward soda than ginger ale.) But Kraken and ginger ale is in the same ballpark.

Yeah, I feel like a drink every evening. And I allow myself one or more 3 to 7 times a week. I probably went 20 years of drinking at least 360 days per year. I’ve cut down the amount of days and the amount each day to a level I think I can sustain without serious health risks.

This must be one of those cases where ever is synonymous with always.

See, the following through bit is the thing that gets me. I like the idea of having a few drinks, but unless I’m in a social situation I don’t get to it. Water is so much easier!

Cinnamon, clove, ginger, and eight other ones I don’t know. It tastes like… Well, rum with cinnamon, clove, and ginger in it. Mrs. L.A. thinks it’s too sweet. It tastes good with ginger ale. I’d taste it to give you a better idea, but those two drinks the other night finished the bottle I bought last year.

I’m cutting back now, but I’m up for it pretty much everyday. Or, every evening. Nothing like getting a good buzz on at the end of the day, either with friends or not!

I like to pour a few shots of vodka over ice, add some Kahlua, then fill with vanilla soy milk. The milk allows me to think of it as a healthy drink.

After smoking a bowl I sometimes do an “instant tune-up” which involves getting the fifth of grey goose out of the freezer, doing a quick swallow of 4 or 5 shots worth, and replacing bottle in freezer. Ahhhhh.

I don’t smoke it, myself. (I’m not 20 anymore! If I were, I’d be getting invited to parties! :stuck_out_tongue: ) Ironically, I can stroll into any number of marijuana shops and legally buy some any time I want. I just don’t want.

Yep. Around 5:30 every day, I’m getting out the wine glasses.

And another thing: Although I don’t smoke anymore, whenever I hear A Day In the Life, I have a sudden strong desire for a joint, a cigarette, a drink, or all three.

I’m a non-smoker, never was a smoker, probably have had no more than 5 cigarettes in my entire life, and think smoking is a disgusting habit.
But once in a while I’ll take a break from work, sit outside on a nice day, put my feet up and think “this would be a great moment to have a cigarette”.
I’d probably regret it the second I took that first drag though.

You’re making baby Jesus cry.

Oh, yeah. When the sun is low and the work is done, the favored glass comes out (the Bushmills glass, not the other one) and the gaze moves to the cabinet. What to have today? Bourbon? Irish? Scotch? Be healthier and just have a beer? Decisions, decisions.

See, for me the urge is strongest during those times when it’s really a bad idea: faculty meeting, parent conference night, and, god help me, “actively monitoring” standardized testing.

A nice beer or three at the end of the day, 4-7 times per week. In the winter I’ll switch to wine, 1-2 glasses.

That’s why God gave us lovely, discrete flasks.:smiley: