D'ya ever just feel like drinking?

Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

Yup and I do something about it too. My wife and I like to have a cocktail most evenings before dinner. When my dog was alive all three of us would sit on the porch and people watch, me and my wife with a drink, my dog with a bone. If my dog heard the cocktail shaker, she’d get up and go wait by the door.

Depends on what and why I feel like drinking on whether or not I follow-through.

Socially? I’ll drink lightly. Very lightly.
Celebration? Sure, I’ll have a sip or two.
Dinner? Depends on what’s for eating - Maybe a beer, more rarely a glass of wine. Maybe not.
Contemplation? Time to dust off the whisky, and pour a couple fingers-worth.
Pissed, tired, frustrated, depressed? Give me some water.

I would drink a few beers every night if I didn’t have to do sports stuff with the kids, didn’t have to worry about getting fat, wasn’t so cheap (it would be so much easier if I could develop a taste for Budweiser instead of the $2/bottle stuff I prefer), and my wife wouldn’t get pissed at me. So I drink when we get together with friends (once or twice a month lately) and have the odd beer at home when there’s nothing going on.

I think about having a couple of beers every night. I think about going out for lunch and having a couple. I think about watching a game and drinking a few on a Saturday afternoon. A lot of thinking, not a lot of drinking.

At least it wasn’t one of these! :eek:

I got your back, Gus! I’m picking up your slack, and I ain’t even thinkin’ about it.

What you really need is a good cigar.

Yes. Yes I do. (Feel like drinking, not a cigar)

Not as such, generally. There are some alcoholic drinks I like the taste of, and I may have one with supper when I go out to eat. Or I might feel like having something minty, and the burger joint with the mint-chocolate shakes is closed, but I’ve got the ingredients to make a grasshopper. Or I’ll have a glass of mead or whatever with friends or family, because camaraderie.

But wanting to drink something specifically alcoholic for its own sake? It just doesn’t occur to me. I suppose I don’t see the point, since I dislike the sensation of being drunk.

Not really. Not any more. I used to enjoy a can or two of cider after work, but cider has a huge sugar content so I stopped. I’ll have a pint or two if I’m socialising, but I’ll have nibbles as well. I’ll drink wine with a meal, but not on its own. I’ll drink port as an aperitif or with cheese & biscuits or after a meal. I don’t drink spirits at all.

Not so much in the past 10-15 years or so. I used to drink heavily when I was younger, and it takes a toll. A big party for me now is 2-3 glasses of wine or the occasional gin & tonic or two.

Come, come. Are there any of us who don’t throw back a few large gins with the post-breakfast pack of Camel straights?

I quit drinking about 26 years ago. In that 26 years I have had a couple of drinks . I still get the urge for a nice glass of scotch quite often. I just don’t want to fall back into the habit.

I used to, then with the passage of time not really all that much and nowadays never. Spending most of my adult life in Thailand, I’ve noticed doing that either turns you into a raging alcoholic or lets you get it out of your system, and I guess it was the latter with me.

Yes. Mostly on hot days when I happen to see a pineapple. (Like, say, if I am by purest happenstance in the grocery store, where I have gone specifically to buy a pineapple, clutching a half-pint of rum.) :slight_smile:

When on vacation, I typically wake, bake, Bloody Mary, then make the coffee.

Not anymore. I’m probably the most successful dry drunk you’ll ever meet. I decided to do a Sober October a few years ago and after a month I decided that I felt so much better and I’d saved so much money that I would just keep it going for a little while.

Then the strangest thing … I figured out that I didn’t really enjoy being drunk. I enjoyed a fine IPA for the taste of it, and being slightly buzzed is fun but I figured out that once I tipped past buzzed into drunk the evening just sucked from then on out.

So I’ve been drink - free for going on two years now and I never really get the urge anymore. BTW … I never refer to myself as “sober” as I do enjoy my altered states I just don’t lean on alcohol to achieve them.

I feel like drinking far more often than I actually do. I’m not that interested in having just one drink, maybe to be sociable, but it’s a waste of time. I want to drink to get drunk, but that consumes a lot of time also, not totally wasted because I enjoy some of that time, but as I’ve gotten older the follow-up time is longer and less pleasant.

Yes :sunglasses:

Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?