Dystopian mosquito society cartoon? Possibly German.

I’m trying to find the name of a cartoon(intended for children?) that features a society of mosquitos oppressed by a guy who we only hear his terrifying voice of god speaking high German and see his finger tip. He threatens to squash a mosquito, but spares his life in exchange for some kind of blood gathering scheme.

At the end they have all the containers of blood the mosquitos have gathered and something happens. The art style was pretty strange.

I don’t remember if it was feature length or a short.

Seen on German TV in the late 80s.

If it’s the same cartoon I’m thinking of, it was about a society of mosquitoes that tap into the blood of some unidentified sleeping man and then grow fat, profligate, and indulgent only to have everything collapse when the blood runs low. At the cartoon’s end, the terrified mosquitoes are huddled in their church repenting for their sins while the hand of God points His accusatory finger of blame at them. At this point, one of the mosquitoes pokes the finger and begins sucking the holy blood.

I think the cartoon was Italian and made during the 1970s as an obvious satiric parable about the Energy Crisis and the West’s over-consumption of oil.

I think NDP is correct.

That has to be it, and on checking the link posted below I am sure of it.

Thanks NDP and donkeyoatey!

EDIT:Just wanted to add the satire went totally over my five year old head :slight_smile:

Here’s the cartoon.

+NDP … THANK YOU!! I’ve been describing this delightful short film to people for decades, couldn’t remember the name, but this is it! (“Self Service”)