E-mail sluts, I call an emergency meeting!

I’m feeling a little neglected right now. Would you heed my pathetic call and stuff my mailbox RIGHT NOW? Tell me about your life. I’ll tell you about mine.

Snooooopy[sub]is that enough “o’s”?[/sub] I can’t get my computer to search today, but run a search on email sluts and you’ll find a thread with a bunch of folks who did start an email group on yahoo I think. I’m pretty sure the thread was in MPSIMS. I bet they’d be happy to fill your email box. :slight_smile:

Off to send you an email,

I participated in that thread. But it didn’t really fill my needs – people would broadcast mass e-mails at will, meaning I’d come back to my computer and have 30 mass e-mails, and if I wanted to respond to something in the first e-mail, well, it was far too late because the topic had already been thoroughly discussed.

All I really wanted was what you sent me – a “Hey, how’s it going” kind of message. I appreciate it.

Looks like you got the amount of o’s right (but I never get persnickety about that).

Snoooopy, dear. You do know you have to SEND emails in order to RECEIVE them? As I recall, I haven’t seen one email from you since the group got started. Not. one. Instead of posting your plea to this forum, you could have sent an email to the emailsluts since the whole point of our existence is to pad our Inboxes any way we can. If you want a “Hi, how’re you doin’” email from folks, then that also could have been the topic of an email sent to the group.

And as far as answering the 30 or so emails in your Inbox, it’s never too late to answer an email from the emailsluts since the point is to pad our Inboxes.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you, and rest assured, dear, I’ll respond to your email.

Thanks to everyone, particularly AbbySthrnAccent, who listened to me wail AND provided me with an inspirational quote that, instead of me scoffing at it, I have found real use for it.

You’re welcome. I’m really grateful you didn’t scoff. I so rarely send out that kind of stuff unless I really know the person well. I’m relieved you found a use for it. Hang in there Snooooopy and when all else fails sunbathe in the roof of your doghouse, breathe deeply and look for cloud bunnies.