Email sluts, check in here!

The SDMB E-Mail Sluts* message group (on Yahoo) was created for those of us who just can’t get enough email in our lives. No, I don’t mean the spamination, but actual, real, authentic, aimed-directly-and-specifically-at-me email.

I loves it. I loves email.

Anyway, it’s a Yahoo group, and it’s always looking for new members. It’s a lot like here, only there’s about a dozen of us.

So since it’d been a while since it had been mentioned here, I thought I’d publicize it. Please feel free to drop on by and give us a piece of your mind!

*This message group has absolutely no affiliation with the Straight Dope, its parent company, its sister companies, its daughter companies, any mutant companies, and, in fact, no companies. Except Yahoo.

More email?


JuanitaTech, running from this thread whilst screaming in horror.

I’m an e-mail slut, but I don’t want to be on another list where I get lost in the crowd. I’m a personal e-mail slut. I want one-on-one interaction. More mail, more mail, more mail. Gimme gimme gimme. Send it, send it, send it.

Am I pathetic or what?


It’s been a while since I’ve used Yahoo Groups (I think the last time was vaguely porn related). Remind me what format this thing takes? “Digest” email, individual group emails (um, that doesn’t make any sense, does it), or individual emails like, you know, Person 1 sending Person 2 an email?

Fifty-six emails so far today. I could certainly do with less. Sorry, I’m just not as slutty as I used to be.


[Darn server timeouts. This time I’ll save it first.]

Well, KK, you can get the messages either through email or at the Web site.

There are four ways to get them through email:

  1. Individual Emails. Every post made to the message board (and I’ll use message board and group interchangeably in this post here) will arrive in your email’s inbox. Now, don’t let this scare you - we have all of 12 members. Not like zillions of posts are made daily. [And on this note, one can go to the Web site, go to the list of members, and send someone a private email - the full email address is not revealed to you.]

  2. Daily Digest. With this setting, the board sends you one email (or two, if there are a lot that day) containing all of the posts from that day. Good for high-traffic groups.

  3. Special Announcements. If you use this setting, then you’ll only get those messages specifically labeled as Special Announcements. Special Announcements can only be sent by the owner and moderators of a board. In my own group, I only designate such posts like “New photos policy” and the like as special announcements (kind of like stickies here).

  4. No Email. Self-explanatory, of course. But even if you set it to No Email, you can still read any post at the Web site itself.

I’m not an e-mail slut, I’m an e-mail whore.

As in, I prefer to hear from you if you’re asking about buying something. :wink:

I joined.
So, if someone posts a message, I get it as an email?

Yup, that’s about the size of it. Post one yourself if you like, say howdy to us - I think we’re up to 16 relatively warm bodies.

Hey, dantheman. Another Emailslut checking in. I have no idea really who all is in the Emailsluts. [sigh] It’s been so long since folks have been slutty. :frowning: I sure hope this thread drums us up more business.

Looks like it’s done that, celestina; check your mail, we’ve had a couple new people chime in. Hope Gartog* doesn’t mind the publicity!

*[sub]at least I think that’s his SN here…[/sub]