EAM encrypted protocol like Crimson Tide movie

Remember the EAM nuclear attack protocol from Crimson Tide? You can hear it this morning on 15.016 mhz coming from the direction of Russia. This makes little sense as it is a USA system. It is encrypted, but its timing, duration, and presence has meaning when compared to recent history. It may be used to confuse or threaten us. Google EAM to learn more. It may be fake or containing no useful data. One thing is certain:

There can be no global nuclear war without this signal in the HF band.

Why would the HF signal originate near Russia?

Yes, I know subs use VLF. This signal is duplicated or repeated there.



If you don’t understand then Google. The RDF heading and signal strength make no sense to me. That’s why I asked. Ham on the HF bands since 1976.

Is that the ultra low frequency signal calling off the alert? I don’t think that’s EAM.

I doubt that this is an absolute precondition. The network is only used for subs and aircraft. Given it is likely open to jamming I very much doubt it is a single point of failure.

Why do you say they originate near Russia? Have you done your own direction finding, or is there a consensus from a group of geographically dispersed listeners with df capable gear that the origin is there? There are stations in Iceland and Europe. So just getting a direction from the US isn’t definitive.

There could be all manner of reasons for messages to be being delivered. Skyking messages are also sent on the same system. Given the current tensions, activity could mean almost anything. Including just annoying the opposition. One of the core precepts of these sorts of communications systems is that you can’t usefully correlate transmission activity with actual operational military activity.


This appears to be incoherent babbling. If you can provide information that makes this make sense, PM me and I’ll re-open it.