Mystery HAM radio signal! Any guesses?

Neat. Any guesses as to what it is? Secret govt. tests? Those hippies in Sedona channelling some other-dimensional being? Everyone in Arizona using their microwaves to make lunch at the same time?

Who makes lunch at five o’clock? :slight_smile:

Wow, my lame joke was so funny it seems to have gone back in time.

Sorry–your lame joke also sent me several hours into the future, so that I temporarily couldn’t respond.

Anyway, isn’t 1700-2130 UTC actually 10AM-2:30PM Arizona time?

Seems to me that it wouldn’t be too hard for the military to triangulate in on the source of the signal and track down the folks responsible. Considering the paranoia people have of another terrorist attack, I’d say that if it were a threat, the military would have already shut it down. Which means, of course, that it’s a military project we’re not supposed to know anything about.

… in which case, by publishing the truth, you have sealed your fate.

Well, or it could just be some interference that’s annoying only to HAM operators, and not to the military. Not a threat, but an annoyance. And frankly, I think everyone’s trust that our military’s all-seeing eye knows everything that’s going on–or, even more to the point, that anyone in the military gives a rat’s ass about anything outside of their narrow job descriptions–is woefully mistaken.

“Some buzz on that channel? Why should I care? Tell the HAMs to change channels.”

1920’s style mind control rays?

The signal has stopped. There is a spectrogram of the signal on this page as well, for those curious about such things. It definitely does look like one or more subcarriers impressed on the main carrier. I wonder if anyone’s done a Fourier analysis on it?

Isn’t a spectrogram (power plotted in the prequency domain) a kind of Fourier Analysis? Excuse me if I’m being dense. I may have my foil cap on crooked.

I am a proud alumnus of the Prescott, AZ area, and am darn familiar with the area: Mingus Mountains, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Sedona, etc.

Now, put your tinfoil hats on for this one: “East of Prescott, AZ and I-17” puts you in the neighborhood of Camp Verde/Pine area. I have a weak, sneaky suspicion that one of the side harmonics from a normal signal may be bouncing off a mountain in just the right way to cause this. Theres the Drake VOR up north of town, multiple radio antennae on local mountains themselves, etc. The clincher for me: the area is known for gold and copper in the mountains, and gold follows black, iron oxide sand.

My point? Iron and copper in the rock may be the perfect ground plane/reflector for signals. The geograpgy in the area may be perfect enough that it scatters everything to the stratosphere where everyone gets a piece of the pie.

I know it’s weak, but it’s my gut reaction. I left a lot of my theory books at work, so I’ll have to do a little digging and geeking out on Monday to substantiate it, but I present my thoughts for your opinion.

But, I am totally open to your thoughts, guys! I’m just a local resource.