Earbud recommendation?

I have been buying $30-$50 Skullcandy earbuds with the flat wire and the inline mic/on-off/volume controls, but they don’t seem to last even a year before they wear out.

I am pretty hard on my earphones and I need something rugged that can withstand rough treatment.

Any recommendations?

I know we’ve had “recommend some earbuds” threads before, though I don’t remember any of them specifically addressing the issue of durability. This one, however, started out with its OP complaining about his Skullcandys not lasting. (There’s also the issue that some models may have been discontinued or had their price change, and new models been introduced, since those older threads.)

Klipsh Si-4. About $80 bucks. Just outstanding. Over the years I went from the cheap-ass Apple supplied bud with an iPad, and to progressively more expensive buds. And I heard a significant improvement every time. After I got the 4 Si, I’ve tried pricier ones, but I haven’t heard any sound better.

I’ve been using my Jaybird Bluebud X earbuds for about 3 or 4 years now. I use them in the shower, while walking/running, cycling, etc. They are pricey, but I’d buy another pair if this one somehow failed.

When I looked them up on Amazon for that link, I saw that they have the X2 out now.

I wish I could be more specific, but based on one of these threads a couple of years ago, I bought a couple of (some specific model of) Panasonics, that were only in the $20-30 or so range. The first pair lasted almost a year, which is unheard of, and died only because I got them caught in some wiring as I was starting the snowblower, and one speaker got ripped off the wire. The replacement pair has lasted, again, almost a year without a hint of trouble, and I wear them constantly every day. They’re fantastic. I have a picture somewhere of the packaging so that I could buy more if they ever wear out, but my phone’s downstairs charging so I can’t look right now.

Monoprice has some pretty spiffy earbuds, too. No bluetooth ones (yet; AFAIK) but everything else I’ve got from them has been of superb quality.

I watch Woot and Meh for earbud bargains. My current set are Klipsch heavy duty buds and I love them. Originally more than I’d pay, but cheap on close out. Over a year old and still going strong.

These were $19.99 on Woot

That’s a weatherized version of the same one I recommended.

Yep! I was surprised to see them for sale after being on Woot.

Err… you do know that they offer a 100% warranty if it is not your fault (50% otherwise)!? You’re only out the cost of shipping.

ETA: and yes, headphones bought from them to replace previously replaced headphones still count as a “purchase.”

How do I know whether it’s my fault? Do I need receipts?

Yes receipt, claim printout, and the headphones themselves. Amazon etc. is fine. I’ve always sent them back without the pads or case.

You fault = probably obvious damage through scissor wounds. I’ve done the 100% thing a few times, and never got called on it, although it was never my fault. They give you online store credit.