Headphones / earbuds - need "bulletproof" ones

I bought my first iPod about 4 years ago - the first generation Nano.

Though I’ve upgraded to a 4th gen, I’ve still got my original earbuds and they work just fine.

My daughter, not quite 13, has had a 3rd gen Nano for about 18 months.

I think the longest any set of earbuds has ever lasted has been maybe 2 months.

Now, she abuses them shamefully - she’ll hold the earbud cord, and twirl the Nano around at the end of it, for example. She ruined the pair that came with her Nano, the pair that came with my newer Nano, a new pair we gave her for Christmas (this was all in the first 6 months), and at least 5 others in the past 12 months. Some of these were simply poor quality - e.g. some Koss earbuds we got at Radio Shack - I got myself a pair also because they’re easier to tell right-from-left by feel, and mine died within 3 weeks also.

Anyway… if anyone has any brand / model that you recommend as having survived at least minor abuse, please let me know! Her birthday is coming up and I’d like to get her a new pair.

Of course my best bet may be to go to Five Below and get a handful of them (though the last one I got there died even faster than the Koss sets).

For me I can’t go past Sennheiser, the sports line might be what your after, both sweat and water resistant with kevlar reinforced cable. I cannot recommend these enough. They are, last time I brought a set, a little pricier than most but well worth the extra cost in my opinion.


Kevlar-reinforced cable??? That really is bulletproof!

At 50ish bucks a pop (for the ones Amazon carries), they’re pretty pricey but it just might be worth it… between the ones we’ve gifted, and the ones she’s bought with her own allowance, we’ve easily spent that much in the past 18 months.

I’ve used Sennheiser headphones and ear buds exclusively for near on twenty years. I brought my first set in '91 or '92 and have never been disappointed. For mine the sound quality is superior to anything I’ve ever tried. The only problem I’ve found with them is that they tend to disappear once someone else has tried them.

Are these the ones you looked at?