Earliest Age of Pregnancy?

We were discussing this at work the other day…

What is the world record for the youngest girl who has become pregnant and/or has had a child?

I figured that this statistic wouldn’t be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records & after checking did not see a listing for it…


For completeness, according to this site:

Youngest father: 12

Oldest mother: 63 yr. 9 mo.
Oldest father: 93 yr. 10 mo.

Youngest grandmother: 17
Youngest grandfather: 29

In the first “Believe it or Not” compilation book, there is an item about a Chinese couple, both aged five, who had a healthy boy around the turn of the century. I think BION is generally reliable.

Well, I did see a headline on various newspapers and such in the last week about a Nigerian girl, I believe it was, who aborted at about 4 months after being raped. The girl is 9.

Nicaraguan, actually. Horrible story. :frowning:

If they are going by Chinese age system (you are born aged 1) that couple would be four years old by our western reckoning.
::eek:: either way.

Who are the fathers of the babies born to babies?

You’re right. Wrong continent. As I said, I didn’t read the story, just the headlines.