What's the youngest medically documented human pregnancy?

Also, what is the youngest age that a girl has given successfully given birth?

I think the youngest would have to be Lina Medina, who gave birth when she was 5 years old.

What an interesting link, montro – especially the part about the condom that was 12 feet in diameter. :eek:

Sorry for misspelling your name, monstro. I know better.

It’s annoying that the link doesn’t identify who impregnated her.

Hopefully it was someone who got the shit beaten out of him.

Who would have sex with a four year old!?

Prob a case of incest or something

There’s a secondary link on the page with more details, and in that article they say they didn’t know who the father was because the girl was “disoriented”.

I too am annoyed at this, tho. They make it out like it was no big deal as to who was having sex with a 4-year-old.

Weee-eeeeird stuff, man.

Before this thread turns into total gibberish, would someone try to find a site/cite that can back up what the original cite claimed?

Give me something other than a website that claims something. Links, medical references, anything.

Don’t go off the deep end on this first offering. It’s most likely not verifiable, IMHO.

Here’s a thread that showed up earlier on the snopes board:


Also included inside is yet another interesting link.

I am not going to look for links cause im lazy that way but it is a true story the girl was from Peru I believe, and I think she had her first period when she was 2 or something and they examined her after birth and she had fully matured sexual organs. The girl is still alive although I think the son died some time in his sixties the mother was in the news sometime in the last 2 or 3 years because she was angry at the government for never giving her money or something she was promised when she had the child.

from monstro’s link

rather productive times… :eek:

That’s it? I was expecting younger.

I swear to God that she said she was 18!

I’ve always wondered how reliably this figure is. It’s interesting that the name of such a fecund woman has been lost to history and remembered only as “first wife of.” It’s also interesting that she had no single confinements.

I’m not sure if that sexual records website is the most reliable of sources.

I did some researching on Google Groups . This first popped up on the web in 1998 from parentsplace.com:

I checked Factiva and Reuters ran an article on it in August of 2002. I can’t copy the article, but this website plagiarised most of it and didn’t make anything up.

I guess its true. Heh.

According to a 1988 column in The Boston Globe her name is “Mrs. Vassilyev”

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I’ve just spent hours reading original articles from US newspapers in 1939-40.

The basics are true. I don’t have much to add at this point, mainly because I’ve accumulated too much info. I’ll try to sort it out tomorrow. My head hurts today.

Ok Samclem that’s certainly a one up on me :slight_smile: Where were you reading these newspapers btw?