Ears Ringing During Pushups

I was doing pushups this morning, and every time I dipped down my ears would ring. Then I would push up and they would return to normal. I don’t recall this ever happening before. I tried googling it, and all I could find was some vague stuff about blood pressure. (I’ve never had any issues with blood pressure.) Does anyone know what was going on this morning?

Dude. Check your blood pressure now.

Yeah, it could be a hundred benign things. It could ALSO be some serious shit. Hell, it might even be Lupus.

Hearing things you shouldn’t be hearing is not something you should ignore IMO.

I have tinnitus in general and do push ups regularly. The push ups make the tinnitus worse, temporarily, similarly to how you describe. It seems to happen any time I do an activity that requires a grunt, if that makes sense. Running for instance doesn’t appear to have an impact. As always, the plural of anecdote is not data.

Since this is a medical question, let’s move it to IMHO.

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FWIW, I have tinnitus, and I notice this, too.
My BP is pretty low, so I’ve never thought to have this exercise-induced ringing checked.

And, BTW billfish678 - The wind of my soul is a chick!

Chick who starts her mornings with pushups?

The ringing wasn’t tinnitus; it was the badass alarm going off.

I’m reminded of a pretty recent thread. IIRC it was our poster Boyo Jim.

He complained about hearing things that he shouldn’t be hearing. A bunch of posters (who deserve scorn IMO) chimed in about this was no big deal because they had it too.

Well, Boyo ain’t around for awhile shortly after that post. Turns out it WAS something serious.

Don’t be a Boyo who gets sucked in by yahoos.

I was about to get all indignant at this post (“Yes! Chicks can do pushups too, you know!”), and then I re-read it and realized you were calling me badass. :smiley:

billfish678, I will check my blood pressure tonight, but now that you mention it, it probably would have been best to check my blood pressure when I was actually experiencing the ringing. So I’m going to have the cuff handy the next time I work out so if it happens again, I can check it during the incident. Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh also, it might be worth mentioning that this happened towards the end of my workout, so my heart rate was already up.


It PROBABLY is nothing. But assuming it is nothing is just crazy IMO.

Get some info. Talk to some people who actually have medical degrees and such and get it figured out.