Earth Day

Earth Day is so bigoted. How come we can have an Earth Day but not a Neptune Day?

Or a water day, or an air day, for that matter.

Because every day is Neptune Day!

…hm, I guess that doesn’t really work in this context.

Personally, I like Sun Day.

Yeah! How come Phillip Bailey gets all the props, just because he did one duet with Phil Collins? Where’s Wind Day and Fire Day?

I went to an Earth Day thingy in San Francisco once. The amount of trash on the ground afterwards was truly disgusting.

You Are aware that Neptune day IS celebrated.

On Neptune…

Happy Uranus Day.
C`mon, someone had to say it.

Yeah, I can’t believe you don’t know that, Lego.

What?’ve never been?

Mardi Gras has nothing on Neptune Day.

If it is celebrated, then it only lasts for 16.1 hours, and they only get to celebrate it once every 165 earth years (obligatory cite).

What food does one eat on Earth Day? I’m always looking for theme dinners.

Actually, theres tell Disney is thinking of having a “Pluto” day…

Hey! If you don’t like how we do it here on Earth, you can just go right back where you came from!

[sub]grumblegrumble Frickin’ illegal aliens, with their crop circles and loud music and anal probes…[/sub]