Earth satellite 3000 years old? What say you?

By modicum wielding aliens.

This post has been 1920s style modicum-rayed by the Modicum-Rayist.


Another vote for asking the OP to put something up other than links.

Who is “they”? Do “they” know you’re on to them?

The moon just showed up yesterday. And people’s memories all over the world were modified to make them think there was a moon two days ago.

You cannot prove me wrong.

I made it as far as “After the Pentagon dismissed the object as an ‘asteroid,’…”. If the Pentagon did that, it would have been huge news, because an asteroid in orbit around the Earth would be a great discovery. (Also you wouldn’t call it an “asteroid” if it were in orbit around the Earth.)

Anyway, if it was in orbit as low as the Shuttle, it wouldn’t have lasted 3000 years. It’d be lucky to last 15 years before it fell down to the earth.

I’ve got a Black Knight Pinball machine. It’s in my garage.

I can, i have a picture of the moon taken in 1962

You just think it was 1962.

I almost clicked until I read your response. I chose instead to just say “no”. Thanks! :wink:

I’m a Young Earth Creationist. The entire world was created 37 seconds ago, but as if it had existed for millions of years. Your memories of earlier today, yesterday and your childhood are merely part of God’s plan.


True, but can you prove you are Hari Seldon and not just part of our modified memories?:smiley:

Thanks for fessing up.

What sort of mileage do you get in that thing?

So you are from a radical offshoot of the Church of Last Thursday?