Earthbound Aliens

Have you ever seen someone you just KNOW has to be from another planet?

A couple of days ago I was sitting at a stoplight and noticed an elderly woman pushing a stroller. “Awww,” I thought, “a Grandma taking her grandchild for a walk!”

I looked to the stroller. In it was a DOG, wearing one of those lampshade-type collars.

As I watched, she crossed the street and pushed the dog-containing stroller into a tanning salon.


…and that aint the half of it…I’ve been trying to tell you guys…

There is a couple who manage the apartment building next to ours who are definitely from somewhere far, far away. They are both extremely thin, smoke like fiends, always wear black or dark clothing and have identical hairstyles (cropped very short and dyed red.) The occasional glimpse into their apartment that I get when I walk by reveals weird artifacts and animal skins strewn about. Now all of this might be considered quite normal in some neighborhoods, but I live in a So Cal surfer ghetto.

Just one of a hundred reasons why we left CA :slight_smile: