Earthquake in LA

We just felt a nice rolling shaker in about three waves. Nothing really shook or fell. It lasted some time - maybe 30 or 45 seconds.

I’m in NJ, and was just now on the phone with a hotel in Coronado, CA. I was speaking with the girl, who suddenly gasped and said, “There’s an earthquake going on right now!”.

Yep, Wintermute, we felt it down here, too. In fact, no one can seem to shut up about it.

Damn! That sucker was right underneath me! Local site says 3.5, but it felt a lot bigger than that. Maybe because I am less then 5 km from the epicenter…

Freaked the wife no end. Being from Boston, she has never been through a good earthquake before.

Damn, another 5-pointer practically in my backyard. Magnitude 5.3, 4 miles northeast of Yucaipa, CA, according to the nice folks at the USGS.

USGS is reporting a 5.3 centered east of San Bernardino with a couple of aftershocks

Geez I didn’t feel a thing.

Still in Riverside, a little west of the epicenter. We sure as hell felt it. I felt the 3.5 aftershock, too. This one felt a lot more violent than last Sunday’s. That one was side-to-side, very smooth feeling. This one felt a lot more violent.

We just had a tiny shake here, too, and I’m all the way down in San Diego.

I’m in L.A. county and it was quite a good jolt.

I’m in southern Riverside County - we felt it - rumbling and shaking - wow!

I’m in Santa Monica. We felt it.

Damn, all these shocks so close together are making me nervous.

I’m in San Diego also - I felt the one that happened last Sunday, but this one I didn’t feel at all.

It was about 1:40 PM or so? Hmmm, I think I was walking around the second level of Fashion Valley Mall at that time, if that has anything to do with my not feeling this one.

Felt it pretty good out here in Torrance, too. I think it felt harder/shakier than Sunday’s because this one was centered much closer to us. We didn’t feel it for as long as 30-45 seconds, though, more like 15 (which can sure feel like 30 when you’re in the middle of an earthquake). Still, it doesn’t come close to comparing to the violent, LOUD quake we had a few years ago that was centered in Joshua Tree. Man, that one sounded like a freight train was going by inches from my bedroom window – had the whole neighborhood out in the streets in the middle of the night. All these quakes and (supposed) tsunami warnings* are beginning to get a little freaky.

*I actually heard on the radio this morning that we had a 1 centimeter – yes, that’s right, CENTIMETER, tsunami on Tuesday. How on earth (or the seas) do they measure that?!?

They’re closing in on me! Sunday was 30 km away…today was 5 km…

I’d better not eat beans for diner Sunday night. :smiley:

The cable news channels, as of about ten minutes ago, were all yammering about it. A 5.3 isn’t all THAT big, is it? I mean, I was in LA for Northridge, and I remember aftershocks about that size. Still, I’d be pretty freaked about now if I were in range. Quakes scare me.

It is to laugh. I am in L.A. working today, and felt every bit of that bloody thing. Husband was IN Yucaipa at the car wash at the time, and didn’t feel a thing. How 'bout that?

I think the universe is trying to tell me something. I think it’s saying to eat some ice cream. What do you think?

silenus, it’s a good thing you’re not going to be eating Mexican food on Saturday night.

Oh wait…

Definitely. Eating ice cream can solve all the world’s problems. Especially mint chip. Mmmmmmm.

Can any of you California Dopers tell me what you experience when a quake hits while you are asleep? I am talking about a minor tremor not a huge quake.