Pretty decent-sized quake here in San Diego. My whole room was shaking like crazy, and it must have lasted a good 30 seconds or so.

It’s definitely the biggest one i’ve felt since we moved out here.


It was a 6.9 across the border in Baja California.


And a very nice one, too!

But you’d think with his super-powers Jesus could have rolled the rock back a little more gently…

That was fun! I was standing by my truck, feeding the cats, when the truck started rocking. The cats took it in stride, but the wife’s a bit freaked.

All we got up here was 10 seconds of S waves.

Okay, I felt that here in Phoenix, Arizona

Felt it here in Simi Valley. Very gentle, house shook lightly, water sloshed in cups. It was a long one, though—felt like about 30 - 45 seconds or so. :eek:

My heart is still pounding. The whole building shook. Not hard, just lightly, but I could still tell it had to have been an earthquake.
That was my first earthquake. I’m in shock, I think. I’m freaked, but not in a bad way…It’s more like I just can’t believe it. I’ve never, ever experienced an earthquake before.

Xanthous, Spiny & I felt it in Redondo Beach for a full 15 seconds of rocking and rolling. Enough to give me and Xanthous motion sickness. And we’re about 450 km away from the epicenter! I hope there are no injuries.

Up in Hollywood it felt like it was going for a good minute. Pretty gentle as far as earthquakes go – like like gentle waves on the lake. Except you are on land, which is always pretty weird! :smiley: Been through a lot worse. Would not want to be near the epicenter, though – 6.9 is a pretty decent shake.

I’ve come to enjoy earthquakes. One of these days I’ll be caught in a whopper and probably get cured. But in the mean time I like 'em. As this one started I thought for a moment, “Maybe I’ll go out into the parking lot.” But it sort of peaked and I just stood in my kitchen finding the duration pretty remakable.

Beats the hell out of hurricanes…

We felt it here in San Diego. It lasted about 15 seconds. Maybe less. I a surprised to hear people felt it for a minute in LA. Things rattled some. The hanging lights were swinging.

Nothing here in Las Vegas. Unless that wasn’t me just feeling lightheaded as I kinda rocked in my chair a little bit. I didn’t note the time, because it was such a non-event.

Not much news so far since it’s Easter Sunday. I hope Baja California didn’t sustain too much damage. We shook for about 20 seconds here at the edge of LA and Orange County. Nothing fell off the shelves but the chandelier was swinging wildly. It felt exactly like being out at sea.

Two of our cats slept through the whole thing but one of them realized there was an earthquake after I did and then proceeded to just huddle under a chair for the next ten minutes looking dazed. So, so useless.

Felt it slightly in Tucson - if I hadn’t been sitting still on my sofa, I don’t know that I’d have noticed it, but there it was! Then I checked my twitter stream to see all my Southern California people talking about it and realized what it was.

Like I said, I’m in Phoenix and I felt it. Everyone went outside. And a few of my relatives and friends who live here in Phoenix, updated their Facebook status saying they had felt it.
Surprised it came out this far.


Yeah, I’m on the second floor of an apartment building. I think if I had been on the ground I wouldn’t have noticed much. I called my mom (who lives in Mesa) and asked her if she felt it and she’s like “Huh?”

Where are you?

I’m in the North Park area, and my wife and i agreed that it lasted for a good 30 seconds, from start to finish. The really strong shaking was not as long; there was a gradual build-up, and then it got quite strong.

I did quick look on a map of the epicenter and San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson are all in the same distance ball-park.

A post script to Shayna’s post: We’re 3 blocks from the beach in Redondo. We were watching decades-old palm trees swaying back and forth during the quake, when normally they are unmoving (except for the tops in the breeze). Crazy to see…

Upgraded to a 7.2!

I’ve been occupied on Twitter regarding this quake, but wanted to check in here also.

I’m estimating I felt it for about 20 seconds; I’m not recalling feeling a quake last that long before! I was in process of calling my mother at her home when it started, so I hung up before she could answer, as I realized trying to talk with her while a quake was occurring wouldn’t work too well. (When I did call her later she didn’t answer anyway, so I just left a message.)

Dammit, I missed it! I want a do-over!