Earthquake in Simi Valley

As if the fires weren’t enough, the Simi Valley just had a magnitude 3.7 earthquake. Not very big, and I didn’t feel it here in West L.A. But the people in the fire zone are already on edge. They don’t need that.

Oh bloody hell. This just isn’t fair.

Well, at least it was a small one. Not capable of doing any more than rattle the dishes; but big enough I’m sure to rattle people’s nerves.

The woman on CBS news just said in reference to the tremor, “Just a little jolt to make people go, ‘What the heck was that?’ You know, when you’re down they just can’t wait to kick you.”

Piss. I used to live in Camarillo, just a few miles away. I’m sorry you guys in SoCal are having to put up with all this.

BTW, the front that promises relief from California’s hot dry weather is just starting to make itself felt in the bay area. It’s 65 degrees and moist outside now (San Jose), whereas it was 88, hot and dry yesterday at this time. Here’s hoping it makes its way quickly down to your area and gives you some relief from the fires and the Santa Ana conditions.

What was that old joke about California and Shake’n’Bake®?

There is no way they’re going to put out the fires without rain. But rain brings its own problems in the form of mudslides. Let’s hope we get just enough.

i’d love to send you guys the rain we got today. nice soft drizzle.

Up next: Locusts and Flood!

Stay tuned!

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Just heard there was a 3.0 north of Malibu.

Yep – we’re still getting aftershocks from the '94 Northridge quake.

The good news is that there are dark, black rain clouds overhead, so hopefully they’ll actually spill some precipitation on the fires (but just enough, please!).

That’s what ya get for electing a fool of a bad actor Gov!

I was asking a friend today is he was planning on moving back to WA after graduation (he’s from there). He said, “uhhh…yea, between fires, earthquake and this state falling off the rest of the U.S., I’ll be moving back. But the weather is perfect.”

Wow Johnny, sounds to me like you’re getting outta there just in time! Hope the rains are gentle and do some good.