I am shaking like -- well, a person in an earthquake.

1:55pm or so, and the shaking starts. My building is on rollers, so we’re still rocking and I’m starting to feel dizzy. Anyone else feel the earthquake? Any word on magnitude?

Epicenter just east of Riverside
We felt it here in Santa Monica.

Seconded from Santa Monica. Lots of swaying here.

Join the other Californians here.

Well, that was quick. (And a simulpost thread [thread=321488]here[/thread].)

We were rolling around here in San Burnitdowno; USGS places the quake north of Redlands (nearer Yucaipa, actually). They claim a 5.3; I dunno, it seemed a little larger to me, but nothing serious.

I’d 'minds me of the time in '91 when some knownothing asshat predicted that the New Madrid Fault (on the border between Missouri and Illinois) was going to cut loose and flatten everything in a four state area (but who’d miss it?), and the Geophysics department had a party in his honor, complete with an Earthquake cake and End-of-the-World punch (unspiked, unfortunately.) There were actually a couple of cute girls in the Geophysics program…it almost made me want to change my major. (Which I did anyway–several times–but never to GPh.)

What? Oh, sorry, just reminiscing. In my mind, better an earthquake than a tornado, flood, microburst, hurricane, sinkhole, or having a pig farm next door.


So this was near LA? And the King Tut exhibit opened there today…it’s the curse of King Tut’s tomb!!!