Earthquake in the Adirondacks!!

We live on a fairly major fault line that runs through the Adirondacks. This is how I was awakened this morning.

I’ve lived here my whole life except for few years spent in Boston and of the 8-10 quakes I can remember, this felt the strongest.

No damage here, but wheee what a ride.



wow, that is a biggie for the east side.

Felt it in New Hampshire too. Wow, that was fun.

Up in Montreal, as well. Didn’t feel it (I was asleep) but heard about it on the news.

I felt the bed shaking in Ottawa hard enough to awaken me.

Drat! I was asleep and didn’t feel it! I like feeling those small little tremors (only been through about three in my lefe…part of growing up in the northeast.) I need to move to California so earthquakes start to scare me like they should :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, all the way down to Baltimore? (So says the link.) I didn’t feel anything, but I, like matt, was also asleep. Wonder if anyone else in my area felt it.

On a related note, my dad is fond of reminding me that I live and work near fault lines. A real sunshiney guy, is my dad :wink:

Oh, so that’s what it was. I just thought the upstairs neighbors were being particularly vigorous this morning.

why do i always sleep through quakes!

i want be awake for one…

Felt it here in Syracuse, but I figured I dreamt it until I got to work and everyone was talking about it. The general consensus was that it woke up everyone who was sleeping (or at least their wives), but everyone who was up and around didn’t feel a thing.

I’ve slept through last 3 earthquakes, hell the smoke alarm went off one night and I slept through that too. But this one woke me up because the bed moved across the floor about 6 inches.

Side note: My daughter had a friend sleep over last night, when I asked her friend what she thought of the earthquake, she said “Wow, I’m glad we don’t have those at my house!” (She lives a block away. Heee, I love kids)


I heard 4 people talking about it while out shopping this morning…I guess I slept through it. It must not have been as impressive a shaking as the low-flying military planes that flew over the house last week.

Hey, it’s good practice … pretty soon you’ll learn to call the Richter Scale magnitude before the news reports it, like we do here in SoCal. :slight_smile:

on the local news in philly, they are reporting small property damage due to the earthquake. some windows broke. they said there have been 2 aftershocks.

I live across the lake from Plattsburgh, which is basically where the epicenter was. I’ve lived in this area my entire life. Yet despite the fact that I had gone to bed at 3 AM, and despite the fact that the alchohol had not entirely left my system yet (ie: Swiddles was still drunk…) I IMMEDIATELY knew exactly what was going on, and even saw fit to stand in the doorway. Of course, afterwards, when I went outside to see if any of my neighboors felt it, and no one was outside, I just assumed it was REALLY bad bedspins.

Boy, I’m glad it was an earthquake.

Probably always have been quakes in the east, but it kinda surprised me. I figure, ‘hey, you got our weather, may as well have the rest of it.’ :wink:

Hope this doesn’t mean we have to contend with tornados and hurricanes and SNOW :frowning:

I felt it down here in NJ. I thought that either my downstairs neighbors had an out of balance ceiling fan, or were getting -very- frisky.

I live about 30 miles from the epicenter (sp?). That was some freaky stuff. Never really happens here.