We had a WHAT this morning?

This morning at about seven I woke up to my bed and the walls shaking. Alas, nothing I was doing was causing this.


In New Hampshire!

Never been in one of those before. It doesn’t seem to have caused any damage and was quite minor. Still, though, earthquake. As if last night wasn’t weird enough.



The story. So far initial reports say no major damage.

Even cooler.

Unsettling, though, isn’t it?

I’ve been through a few (back when I lived in LA) and even one in Chicago once.

Terra firma is suddenly not so firma!

You’re about a half hour too late…

Welcome to the world of earthquakes. For you next lesson try living on a fault line. I one lived in a house were a major fault line was on the other side of the street, literally. I didn’t really think to much about it at the time.

My worst earthquake experience was being in the third floor of an old brick building when you could hear the iron roof rippling and dust was comming out from between the bricks. This went on for what felt like ten minnutes but was probally about 30 seconds. I pretty much shat myself and spent the rest of the day at ground level.

Chances are there will be a big buildings falling over and people getting killed earthquake where I live, within my lifetime. It’s overdue but you don’t think too much about it.

The epicenter was just about 30 miles from my house

According to the Yahoo story, people as far south as Baltimore felt it. Here I am in NJ, and I actually slept through it. The first I knew about it was a radio news report around 11 a.m.

I expect that not getting to bed until almost 4 a.m. had something to do with that, though.

We felt it up in Montreal, too!

Well, not me personally. I slept through it.

As a long-time Los Angelino, I can say that any earthquake which doesn’t get at least a 4.5 will be promptly ignored by me.

I live in CT and I missed it. What really grates me is that the local news was making such a big deal about it. The guy in their ad for the news was talking about how “the corner of his house was shaking.” Wow, that hasn’t happened since last week when they were doing road construction outside my house, or the lightning storm a few weeks ago. It was 300 miles away in bumf**k nowhere (sorry clayton) and there were barely any discernable effects THERE. My .02.

And rjung it was a 5.1 so I guess you should pay attention.

Your earthquake turned out to be absurdly apropos of a conversation between my wife and I… We were watching some show or other and there was a very fragile vase on somebody’s mantelpiece. Wife asks, “Don’t they worry about it falling off in an earthquake?” I answer, "No, they’re back east, somewhere around New York…then went into the other room and turned on the news and heard about it.

Don’t feel too bad.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and in the Nine years that I’ve lived up here, I’ve been through (probably) an earthquake a year. Only felt two of them, though - the rest didn’t wake me up - except one that hit while I was building a set for a local theatre. The stage area is built on bedrock, and hardly moved at all (I didn’t feel it) and the lobby area is built on fill, and they shook all over the place, knocking cupboards open, etc. The House Manager came flying onto the stage all freaked out, and couldn’t understand why my crew and I were so calm.

“I missed another one? DAMN!” was my response.

Didn’t feel it here south of Boston, despite the media frenzy.

I felt it pretty strongly, being about 35 miles from the epicenter. It jolted me awake and to my feet, and unlike most accounts I’ve heard I figured out what was going on immediately. It was accompanied by a low roaring sound. Strangely enough, I was able to get back to sleep very quickly after such an adrenalin shock.

Come to think of it, that was the first earthquake I ever remember feeling.

Heh, yeah I noticed it too… woke me up here in Providence, RI. I live in a very poorly insulated house, so I figured it was a truck going by. I remember thinking “Heh, how ironic if I just moved back from CA and am in an earthquake in RI!” and then promptly forgot about the incident till I woke up.