Did the Earth move for you, too?

9:58 PM. Just felt an earthquake in Marin. Mild, not to strong if I’m near the epicenter. Anyone get hit harder?

I was going to post the same thing! I’m in San Jose and there was just a whole lotta shakin goin on! :wink:

Wow I haven’t felt a quake like that in a while. Started real slight, like a vibration, then got so hard I almost fell off my chair! Man what a rush. I wonder how it affected the Sharks game right now!

Five miles SW of Gilroy was epicenter. I am in Belmont and it was quite noticeable.

I’m in Vermont, and I didn’t feel a thing :smiley:

Almost five years in California, and that was the first earthquake I have ever felt! I feel deflowered.

It was definitely strong here in Santa Cruz (my first one, whee!) - announcer at the Sharks game on TV said it was 5 point something?

We’re dog sitting for my uncle right now, and Fred started whining a few minutes before the quake hit. Except that my mom also left right before he started. He stopped whining as soon as the quake hit.

So was he whining because my mom left, and stopped when the quake scared him? Or did he sense the earthquake coming? Hmm…

[sub]Lousy Occam’s Razor[/sub]

Channel Two says it was a 5.2, near Gilroy.

Yep. Felt it in my dorm room.

Quite exciting, really. Kind of a WTF moment.

Shise! I heard my shower door rattling and thought my dog was just scratching a flea, but then I felt it. Rock!!

It was very mild here in Memphis.

Yep, I felt it pretty strong in Santa Cruz.

When I was little, I’d always get freaked out about earthquakes when we took day trips to San Francisco (I was raised in Sacramento). Now I’m living in prime earthquake country. Crazy stuff.

This is the first earthquake I’ve felt. Wow. What a rush. I’m glad my sixty year old rotting excuse for a house didn’t fall down.

Evidentally I was on the bus when it happened. Them Muni buses can do some crazy stuff… come to think of it, I might’ve felt it, I remember the bus lurching a bit at onemoment, and it didn’t do it at all for the rest of the ride.

My SO, in Santa Cruz (represent!) slept through it.

It was very mild out here in Concord. Noticable…but I’ve felt bigger from trucks driving past my apartment. Didn’t even wake up my roommate.

I didn’t feel a thing.

And I was in Oakland. But us Oaklanders are used to playing second fiddle to San Francisco. I guess the quake decided to just skip the “hood”.

Odd; Darwin’s Finch and I are in the same town and in my apartment it was a pretty good jolt, although it depends a lot on how old/new your place is; if it’s built near water, etc.

I was sitting in my bathroom, reading, when the glass shower doors started doing a clanking dance. Being in that position makes you feel sort of helpless. (Helps you get the job done, though).