Bay Area Dopers, check in please

and let us know that you’re OK following the earthquake.

We already know that SeaDiver and Calzadar are OK, would love to hear from the rest of you.

Pezpunk, are you out there? I worry for the Tampa Bay area dopers!

I’m okay. Almost fell out of my chair, but I’m fine. First thing I did was check to see if my cats were okay. One was barely roused from sleep, the other was spooked and his tail looked like a pipe cleaner. Poor guy…first quake of his life!

I’m fine - just shaking (never been in one of these before…) Please excuse me while I sit here and twitch for a few mintues:

So is there a magnitude reported for this yet? I’m on the East Coast and so didn’t feel a thing, but I’m assuming that if this is large enough for Californians to be concerned for ther fellow dopers it must have been kind of large?


im here. its wasnt very big, i dont think.

Okay here. Wasn’t too bad. No damage reported. 5.2, near Gilroy. That was a fun one.

I love California!

I’m fine. It hit right as I finished a paper for a class tomorrow. I prudently hit ‘save file’.

Felt it good and clear in Santa Cruz. No damage (not even stuff rolling around) but it did freak me out pretty severely.

I’ve never felt on before, and I live in a bit of a shack. I ran to a doorway while my San Francisco raised roomate just sat passively in his chair laughing maniacly.

Um… so what does a 5.2 mean, let’s say at the epicenter? Or maybe 20 miles from it? How much damage or risk is there? (obviously not from earthquake country).

Funny story: I was sitting here reading the board when the following AIM conversation takes place:

obfusciatrist: cool.
Democritus90: what?
obfusciatrist: Did you feel the earthquake up there?
Democritus90: no!
obfusciatrist: Just one good jerk.
Democritus90: did it just happen?
obfusciatrist: Yeah, about 30 seconds ago.
Democritus90: rockin
Democritus90: lol
Democritus90: psy is screamin
Democritus90: 2 seconds after you said that she ran down the stairs
Democritus90: Damn, I always miss them!


Here and in one piece.

even sven - mine did the same thing. I’m standing there in my doorway being nervous, and San Francisco boy looks up at me, laughs, and returns to yelling at the game on TV…

The only thing that came to mind was the first new word I learned after moving to the Bay Area: liquefaction. And then I wondered if I could remember how to operate all the various shutoff valves. And then I settled in to watch the Cheers rerun. I’m home.

After the first jolt, I thought, “hmmmm…earthquake?” When the second hit, I got out of my chair and stood in the doorway. The only damage was the T.V. Guide being knocked off the arm of my chair.

I’ve been checking out T.V. reports – it doesn’t look like there was any damage anywhere, just a lot of shaken people, especially at the Sharks game.

Yep Oreganic, that’s the proper mindset for true San Fran vet. Some frinds and I once had a conversation about where we all were during the big Loma Prieta quake. Every one of my out-of-state outlander friends knew where they were and what they were doing at the time. I myself could only recall that I was cooking Pasta Roni and was rather proud that I mananaged to finish cooking my dinner with Sterno Tabs – enjoyed Fettuccine Alfredo with snow peas while I watched the Marina burn. Good times.

Geez, none of the news websites mentions when it was. When was it? I didn’t feel it at all in Rohnert Park, 60 miles or so north of SF. I have been told even local quakes are hard to feel in my building, though. In my house, twice, I have felt a 2.2 magnituder centered just 10 miles away.

My geologist friends have asked me to encourage people who either felt the quake or were near the epicentre and didn’t feel it to fill in the survey at the “Did you feel it? Tell us” linkhere.

Glad to hear you’re all OK

I’m good… Lemme call Demo to see if he’s OK…

Oh, his phone is off! :wink: