Did you just feel that? --July, 2010 LA edition

I have a feeling that was a really minor quake, but from 40 floors up in downtown, it didn’t feel so good.

I’m down North of San Diego and it was two short, stiff jolts.

4:54pm PDT. Coyote Creek fault, south of Palm Springs. About a 5.5, I’d guess.

Yeah. Nice jolt out here on the coast North of San Diego. Always a good time.

They’re saying a 5.7 right now, possibly an aftershock to the Easter Sunday earthquake down on the CA/Mexico border. The epicenter is somewhere near the Salton Sea.

ETA: Now downgraded to a 5.4.

It was as big as a 5.4? That’s surprising. I would have guessed it was in the mid 4s, but I’m in an office building that’s been earthquake proofed so everything feels like an easy roll. Also I’m only on the fifth floor. My wife works on the 12th in Beverly Hills and just about freaked out.

I heard it was a 5.7 near Hemet?

My grandfather in Riverside felt it sharply; it was much lighter but definitely felt like a 5+ here near CSULA.

Other people in my office in Santa Monica felt it, but I didn’t.

Waiting to hear from my parents in Temecula

Same here. Some guy was running out the building as I was leaving work (in Northridge) and said “did you feel that?”. I was like, “feel what?”

5.4 near Borrego Springs. I was sitting on the toilet at the time…

Cause, or effect? :wink:

Nothing in Santa Barbara.

I was sitting at home in Tarzana and definitely felt it. Not too bad. If it really was a 5.5, it must’ve been centered pretty far away.

Merged duplicate threads. I can only assume silenus needed those two extra minutes to crawl through the rubble to get to the computer. :wink:

Seriously – glad y’all are okay, a big earthquake is scary as hell.

I was very excited to feel it here in El Segundo. Just made my chair move a bit and the blinds were rocking gently. All of the time I’ve spent in California before, and this was the first one.

Some others here noticed it, some didn’t.

Well, I did have chili last night for dinner…

Eh. It wasn’t that bad, or that scary. And it seems to have been centered in a not-very-populous area.

Now, the Northridge quake…THAT was scary as hell.

All is well. :wink:

I felt in Simi Valley, but I think only because I was napping at the time. It was just sort of rolly and long. It didn’t even bother our scaredy-cat