Yeah, I felt it.

4.5, they just said. I really hope that was all we’re gonna get.

(Earthquake in L.A. Sorry, no link yet.)

Sunofabitch earthquake waking me up just as I’d drifted back off to sleep.

Revised downward to 4.4 now. One mile NE of Pico Rivera. Really minor, but close enough to give me a good (albeit, short) jolt in downtown LA.


Me too. Sharp jolt, and the shaking went on for several seconds.

Et in Arcadia ego.

sigh I never feel earthquakes up here. Nothing wrong with a little temblor now and again. It’s just the Earth letting us know it’s here. (Although I did get out of bed for the Northridge one.)

I thought I dreamed it…

…as the nun said to the bishop.

4.5, hey? Hope none of your stuff got broken!

That’s so weird, I was just wondering about this last night; whether the large earthquakes would affect the other edges of the plate.

Anybody know a good “plate map” on line? I’d like to see where the borders of the moving one are. . .

From the title, I was expecting a more provocative thread.

This one wasn’t bad. I thought it was only about a 3.5, so it surprised me to see how far I was off. I guess I’m more used to the ones that have the big SLAM at the end, so since this one didn’t have that, I thought it was smaller than it was. This one barely woke me up.

This blurb from the MSNBC story made me laugh:
“… shortly after the quake, the California Highway Patrol reported a buckled 10-foot stretch of concrete in a center lane of southbound Interstate 5 south of downtown. It’s unclear if the broken concrete was caused by the quake.”

In other words, California highways are so crappy they can’t tell if it was broken before, or after, the earthquake.

This was not all that big - I was there during the Northridge quake, and trust me, that got my attention - BIG TIME.

Glad all is well.

Forgive me for sounding callous, but… this strikes me as kind of funny. I lived in California most of my life, and a 4.4 quake was never a big deal. At best, such a quake would receive passing mention on the local news. But now after Haiti and Chile, this is a national story? Are we* getting a bit paranoid? Actually, I suppose it’s just the media and their never-ending quest to sensationalize everything…

*“We” meaning the general public, not people posting in this thread.

The local news this morning reported no damage, no injuries, no nuthin’. . . but there’s a 5% chance it might be a foreshock, maybe of the Big One!!!1!

I slept through it.

Me too.

Earthquake Song

At first, I thought it was just a passing truck. Felt it here at the border of LA and Orange County, but it didn’t even feel like a 4 here. I must have felt the beginning tremors subconsciously since I was sitting up in bed before I was even awake enough to register that it was an earthquake. Got up and checked on the cats. They’re so worthless, 3 out of the 4 slept through the whole thing.

Didn’t feel anything (because I was sleeping, and didn’t wake up) here in the SFV.

This is just a basic one, but we are not directly affected by the same plate as the big 'quake in Chile, since that was caused by the subduction of the volatile Nazca plate under the South American plate (of course, the movement of any plate affects all other plates indirectly). You can’t tell from that picture, but L.A. is actually situated on the Pacific plate, not the North American plate, and we are traveling slowly northwards (in a few million years we will be neighboring San Francisco, and a few million after that we’ll be up by Alaska).

Felt it in Culver City. Woke us up.

Woke us up in Pasadena.