EARTHQUAKE ! Oh, no, forget it, false alarm

Mundane: Yup
Pointless: Uh-huh.
Shared: Not yet, get with it, boyo.

My office building (one of six siblings here in the park) is a 3-story steel frame with corrugated steel/concrete floors. The beams are pretty far apart, and the floor shakes a little whenever anyone of any size walks by my desk, or the roll equipment around upstairs.

I was sitting right here at this computer when the Ash Wednesday quake hit two weeks ago, and I remember the shaking, the rumbling, and then the “I got my wish, I’m not at home in my brick apartment when the Big One comes” feeling.

IT’S MAKING ME NUTS ! Every time somebody walks by on my floor or the one above, the desk starts shimmying again and my adrenal glands start revving for a sprint.

I was at a meeting in Spokane last week when a big truck rolled by outside the conference room. The customer looked curiously at the Seattle reps, all of whom were suddenly clenching the table and looking for the exit.

I wasn’t a nervous guy before, but man, it’s going to take a while before the quake isn’t on everybody’s mind. Or wired directly into my autonomous nervous system.

There, I shared, I feel better.