Easiest way to cook eggs, sausage, etc.

I like scrambled / fried eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage etc, but it’s always a huge hassle to grease a pan, cook them while watching constantly, clean everything, etc. so I normally just stick a frozen breakfast sandwich in the microwave instead. Is there maybe some kitchen gadget I don’t know about that makes cooking fresh breakfast food easier or neater?

Well-seasoned cast iron skillets are easy to use & to clean. If you don’t have any, nonstick skillets are easy, too; just don’t use high temperatures.

Precook the meat ahead of time. This will eliminate the most time-consuming part of the cooking.

I buy a package of breakfast links every Saturday evening and cook them all on Sunday morning. I eat 4 of them then and put the rest in a container in the fridge.

When you want them on another day, just heat them in the pan until they’re hot (or nuke 'em), and scramble your eggs (which should only take a minute).

Bacon does surprisingly well in the microwave. Put a few rashers on a plate between some paper towels, nuke for about a 60-90 seconds a slice.

Yes. It’s called a “diner”.

Like this, you mean?

Fastest/easiest is definitely not going to “best” or even approximating it, but:

  1. Buy your meat pre-cooked. Get the Jimmy Dean stuff from the frozen section of your grocer and just nuke what you want on a paper plate.

  2. Drop a bit of margarine into a pan. Let it get nice and hot. Crack two eggs directly into the hot pan and scramble with your spatula. The eggs should cook in just a minute or two.

  3. Take meat out of microwave and put eggs on the plate.

Total dishes: one pan, one spatula, one fork.

Yep, this. Although I prefer my bacon done in the pan.

I buy two packs of sausages every now and then, cook them in the oven (turn once during cooking) then bag them into portions and throw them in the freezer. I’ll microwave them to defrost/reheat then pop them in the pan to give them a nicer finish.

I use two pans, one for eggs and one for bacon/sausages. I find the egg pan stays seasoned better if I only ever cook eggs in it, not sure why.

Cooked sausages in the fridge never see the sunset in my house.

Yeah, I do the same thing with brats and chorizo, cooking whole packages at a time, and it’s difficult to not eat them all that same day; it’s so much easier when you just need to heat them up (or eat them cold right out of the fridge).

In a ~ 2-3 cup microwavable coverable tupper ware –

Throw a handful of frozen tator tots in it and microwave for a minute. This will release some oils for the rest of the cooking.

Crack one egg into Tupperware over tator tots. Add 4-6 precooked ‘lil-smokie beef sausages. Stir up a bit. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

You will need to experiment with the cooking time.

Breakfast. – Egg, sausage, hash browns. 5 minutes at most. One dish to clean.

I have gotten mixed results with this, but in order to replicate an Egg McMuffin at home, I’ve cooked eggs in the bottom of a coffee mug in the microwave. You can definitely overcook them with rubbery results, so beware, but this method* can result in a fast, greaseless egg. I also cook bacon a whole pound at once, and then leave it in the fridge for the masses (ie my family) to reheat at will. I am not a big fan bacon and cook it as seldom as possible.

  • Lightly grease the mug, plop in egg (beaten if desired), cook on 50% power for 30 to 45 seconds, adding additional time if necessary.

Slight hijack, but I totally agree! I have one designated egg pan, a small 6 in cast iron skillet that everyone knows I will kill them if they use it for anything else.

I don’t have much experience with breakfast sausage, but eggs are easy. Set the stove to medium, and spray the pan with cooking spray. While it’s heating up, get out the eggs, make your toast, whatever. To find out when the pan’s ready, wet your fingers, and shake a couple of drops onto the pan: When they sizzle on contact, the pan’s ready. Get a crack started on all your eggs, then break them all into the pan. Cover the pan, and wait three minutes. After three minutes, come back, take the pan off the heat, and slide the eggs out onto your plate. Done.

Get yourself a microwave egg poacher. Lightly coat it with oil and add a teaspoon of water before cracking in the eggs to keep them from sticking. Make sure you pierce the egg yolks so they don’t explode. Microwave on high for 1:15 and those eggs are done before you can toast an english muffin. Add a slice of cheese and a piece of back bacon - homemade breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes.

Bake sausages, from frozen even, in a hot oven (400-450 F) for 20 minutes or until browned. Much easier than cooking them on the stove.

Or have a cook day and make up a bunch of homemade breakfast sammiches. Baggie 'em and freeze 'em for microwaving at your convenience.

I have one of these and it works like a champ. Read the amazon reviews for a thorough description of the ins and outs of it.

Hmm, I may have to try this.
It is possible to “scramble” eggs in the microwave (Google for directions). In my limited experience, it does work, and the results are not quite as good as traditional pan-scrambled eggs, but certainly better than frozen-meal eggs.

I’d say a good non-stick pan, either Teflon or Seasoned Iron and a microwave are all the gadgets you need.

Spray the pan with cooking spray and let it heat. Put frozen, precooked sausage links on your plate and heat them in the microwave. Fry up the eggs while the sausage heats. Assemble the plate and eat.

The only extra work you have is cleaning up the pan and utensil. The pan should already be 95% clean, just wipe the oil off with a paper towel.

Really, if you can’t clean one pan, one utensil, and one plate, cooking may not be your thing.

Bacon is a bit more of a hassle than precooked sausage, though you can (theoretically) cook bacon ahead of time and keep it in the fridge, warming it up the same way as precooked sausage.

Not only do I precook the sausage, (I do crumbled up sausage to mix with my eggs) but I’ll also take a dozen eggs, crack them all and put them in a container. (Wisk well)

That way when I’m ready to eat I just pour a little into a hot pan along with the crumbled up sausage and I’m good to go.

I am being completely serious when I say that if cooking eggs and sausage are too difficult/tedious for you, you need to get wealthy enough to be able to hire a full-time personal chef.