Your go-to egg recipes

I don’t cook daily, but I cook more than a lot of people I know. One of my go-to items is egg. When I’m in a hurry and hungry, there’s nothing better. These are my routine egg recipes:

— Soft-boiled eggs with toast — put eggs in pot, cover with water, turn on heat. When it reaches boiling, cover the pot, and turn off the heat. Let it sit for 8 minutes. Perfect. Crack eggs into a bowl — I don’t do the egg cup thing except in restaurants

— Deviled eggs — boil eggs until hard (I use one of those timers you drop into the pot that changes color to tell you when it’s done), slice in half, extract yolks and mix them with mayonnaise, Colman’s mustard powder, salt, and a little apple cider vinegar. Spoon the yolk mixture back into the half whites. Or just mix the whites in and make it an egg salad. Or just eat it all out of the bowl.

— Soft scrambled eggs — beat eggs with salt and perhaps a few drops of hot sauce, melt a good amount of butter in the pan and turn the heat to low, pour in eggs and cook slowly, so they achieve the texture of porridge and can be spooned rather than cut. Finish with some more butter or a little raw egg. Sometimes add smoked oysters

— Over-easy fried —in olive oil

— Indian-style French toast —fry diced onions and a bit of diced green chilis with cilantro leaves in mustard seed oil, add to beaten eggs. Soak pieces of any kind of bread in the egg mixture and then fry in mustard seed oil. Serve with Maggi Hot & Sweet tomato sauce (ketchup)

— French omelettes —Very much like my scrambled egg recipe. Sometimes add some cheese, particularly Amul-brand processed cheese from India, but occasionally a bit of nice English farmhouse cheddar

— Poached eggs — just drop an egg into a pot of boiling water (no special equipment needed) and cook for exactly 4 minutes, extract egg with slotted spoon and dunk in cold water to stop any further cooking. When time to serve, extract from cold water bath and dab off excess water with clean paper towel. Serve with salt and pepper and toast or bread. (I’ve found I don’t really need the hollandaise sauce, the egg is pretty tasty on its own).

What are your go-to egg recipes?

Egg and banana pancakes – 2 eggs, 1 mashed banana (the browner the better), all mixed together. No flour, just the eggs and banana – make very small pancakes since they don’t hold as well together as regular pancakes. Very tasty and healthy.

Egg salad sandwiches. Hard boiled eggs, mayo, pickle relish, paprika. You can alot of extras, but I like it simple on white bread.
Dude, OP, you’re all about some food tonight. :slight_smile:
Don’t go grocery shopping right now. With all your ideas you’d overspend.

I know!

Scrambled-egg sandwich: 2, maybe 3, eggs in a bowl, add some milk, whip it, then into the microwave. 15 second bouts of MWs until cooked through. While still hot, sprinkle shredded cheese on top (Colby/Jack), allow melting; if no shredded cheese, slice of cheddar works just fine. Mayo on 2 slices of potato bread, slap on egg and cheese. A sprinkle of sea salt (optional). A slice of ham won’t hurt none, but not crucial. Dun.

Eggs en cocotte.

The variations on this are endless. I like to put a slice of prosciutto or smoked salmon in the bottom, drop in two eggs (duck eggs are terrific in this too), and then top with a shake of pepper and a little bit of shredded Gruyere. Serve with toast and fresh fruit.

Shakshuka has in the last five years or so become my go-to easy, hearty, and healthy egg dish.

If I wasn’t so lazy I’d make this more often, too. I find I need to watch the eggs like a hawk so they don’t overcook.

Poached eggs on English muffin: toast the muffin and bring the water to a simmer. Break the eggs into a strainer to prevent spreading (note: other options include adding vinegar to the water and putting the unbroken egg into the water for about 15 seconds. To be honest, these are the ones I generally use, but the strainer does do the best job). Break the eggs into the simmering water and let cook until a white film appears over the yolk. Butter the English muffins. Take the egg out of the simmering water and into some cold water (especially if you used vinegar) and slide it onto the muffin.

Omelette. Break the eggs into a bowl. Season to taste (I like Penzy’s Mural of Flavor, Berbare pepper, and maybe a little Siracha) and scramble. Heat the pan on medium heat. When it’s hot, add butter (it should sizzle gently). Pour in the eggs. Shake the pan back and forth while stirring for about ten seconds. Then step away. Get your filling: I prefer cheese, usually Swiss. Loosen the egg in the pan. When the egg is set and nearly done on the top, add the cheese. Once heated, fold 1/3 of the egg over, then put it on the plate, flipping the 1/3rd over the other 2/3rds.

Fried Eggs. Heat the pan at low heat with a touch of olive oil. After a couple of minutes increase the heat. Break the eggs into a bowl. Add butter. Cover and cook for 2 minutes. Take off the heat and cook for another minute.

I like to make a batch of 6 individual crustless cottage cheese and egg “quiches,” baked in greased muffin tins. They’re a quick breakfast for busy times. Fill with chopped ham, mushrooms, peppers, green onion, shredded cheddar and Parmesan. Reheat briefly in the microwave and enjoy with your favorite fruit and/or toast.

Kind of reminds me of the most memorable scene in “Carol” in which Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara go to a fancy Manhattan establishment for lunch and order creamed spinach over poached eggs, which the Independent Spirit Awards dubbed the “Eleanor Roosevelt combo” — CAROL parody - Kate McKinnon & Kumail Nanjiani | 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards - YouTube

(Hilarious parody clip with Kumail Nanjiani and Kate McKinnon)

I’ve had an Indian version of this — eggs cooked over onions fried in spices.

I proposed to my wife that I prepare shakshuja for a holiday weekend brunch and she nixed it. Oh well.

You forgot to put the eggs in the pan.


Speaking of Indian egg preps, I was all about egg bhurji for awhile, too. I’ll still make it, but I usually end up making shakshuka because it’s nice and saucy, and I generally prefer an intact egg to scrambled. But spice profiles are actually similar the way I make both. Also, for variants of shakshuka, I might throw in beans and give it a more Tex-Mex spicing to make some kind of huevos rancheros hybrid.

Man now I want an egg salad sandwich - what kind of soup goes with egg salad?


Cut the middle out of a slice of white bread and cut the middle into small strips. Melt some butter in a skillet and put the hollowed-out slice and the strips in. Crack the egg into the hole in the bread and season lightly with salt and pepper. Let the edges of the white solidify, add more butter to the skillet, then flip, season the other side, and cook overeasy. Plate and eat with knife and fork, using the fried strips from the middle of the bread for dipping in the runny yolk.

During summer I keep 63° sous vide eggs in the fridge. They are great to add to a noodle dish or a salad.

When the weather is cold it is fried, scrambled or omelets in equal numbers according to need.

Actually, now that I think about it, last winter was lots of fried eggs for bacon and egg McMuffins - one of those things that you can make at home way better than the one you buy in the store. Better cheese, better bacon, and Sriracha.

Frittata when we have guests. I make mine with fried potatoes and sausage, top with grated cheese and popped under the broiler until the cheese melts and begins to brown.

Over easy on hash browns or home fried spuds.

Over easy egg and bacon sandwich.

Simple cheese omelet.

Breakfast burrito: eggs scrambled with cream cheese, some bacon. Toast a flour tortilla, schmear with spicy guac, add the eggs & bacon, top with a bit of pico, roll up.

Duck eggs. Just saying.

Goose eggs. Goose eggs are everything you wish eggs could be, only better. I came across two for sale at the farmers market, in strawberry cartons, omg they were wonderful.

I toast and butter an english muffin. In a little no stick pan I gently fry an egg after breaking the yolk and cook both sides, but not to hard-boiled, just so it doesn’t drip all over. A slice of cheddar on the english muffin, some hot sauce or salsa, and I am a happy camper. There’s a diner out in the country called The Busted Yolk, if I worked there this would be my signature dish, lol.

Just had this one this morning, one of my all time favorites. It’s your basic fried eggs/bagel/corned beef hash but has to be prepared this way for the magic to happen. :cool:

Half a can of Mary Kitchen corned beef hash (no substitutes accepted in this case, again, for the magic to happen)
One bagel
Three eggs

  1. Get the hash frying in an open skillet. The skillet needs to be large enough that the hash takes up no more than half of your cooking area (more on this requirement in step 2). Cook over high heat and do not disturb until you have a nice crispy layer. Once you get that crispy layer you flip the hash and proceed to the bagel stage.
  2. While the hash is ‘crisping’, toast one bagel dark. When the bagel is toasted and the hash has crisped, apply a liberal amount of butter to each half and place them face down in the open portion of your skillet. I call this the pan fried bagel and while I’m sure others have done it before I came up with it on my own so I’m taking credit for inventing this culinary delight. After about 30 seconds (or when the bagel has fried to taste), place both halves face up on a plate. Place the hash on top of the bagel halves. Proceed to egg stage.
  3. Fry three eggs to over easy in the same pan. Do not clean or wipe the pan in any way, you want the hash remnants and grease for the eggs (again folks, the magic). Place the three eggs on top of the hash and serve. Proceed to consumption stage.

Proper consumption technique must begin with breaking the egg yolks and letting everything underneath soak up the goodness. After that, individual bites must be planned so as to maximize the mix of all ingredients in each bite.

OPTIONAL: Top the whole wonderful mess with hot sauce if feeling particularly spicy.

ALSO OPTIONAL: Angioplasty