EastCoast Shark Diving??

Ok, my new fad is shark diving, and Iwas wondering if anyone knew of a good place to call or go to on the east coast of the US?

Well dpends on where you want to go. I live in Connecticut and have gone sharke diving all throughout new england. I had a fun cage dive last year off Montauk Long Island. Saw a huge female White shark. 20+foot long. She was feeding off a large dead sperm whale. This thing was ripping 55 gallon drum size chunks off the carcass. I was told by the guy running the dive that was a once in a lifetime experience. The most difficult thing about that dive was getting into the water then getting into the cage. I thought I was going to get eaten for sure!!! It was fun though. Also one hassel I have seen up here, is that there are a lot of blue sharks, like an over abundance of the little shits. The ones I saw were really small, like 2,3,4 feet long. They came right into the cage on the first dive I went on. They wouldn’t bite but they were just annoying.
If you are seriously looking for good shark dives on the east coast, I suggest go south to florida and the keys, they have a lot of good dives down there.

GQ if sor questions with factual answers. What constitutes a “good place” is a matter of opinion, so I’ll move this thread to IMHO.