Easter in 7 weeks- No Easter stuff at Target

Looking for Cadbury Creme Eggs to send to my son in Japan. (have to think ahead, packages take 3 weeks to get there)

Walmart Neighborhood Market only had Caramel Eggs.

So I go down the road to the SuperTarget store. Walk around the entire store (twice through the grocery section)-no Easter stuff. Then back across the front of the store to Guest Services. “I must be blind-where is the Easter stuff”. They reply “I think they might put the candy out next week, but it the rest of the things won’t be out for another 2 weeks”.

7 weeks until Easter, and Target not set up yet.

Mundane, Pointless, yet surprising in this day of excessively premature holiday promotions.

Yeah, and Lowe’s is all out of cross-making lumber, too. :slight_smile:

Screw that. When are they gonna put the Xmas stuff out? It’s already March fer chrissake! I have to get in the spirit!

My Wal-Mart has had Cadbury Creme Eggs out since before Valentine’s Day. The multi-packs are part of the seasonal department, and aren’t going to be put out until there’s enough room (smaller stores will probably be using most of their space for St. Patrick’s Day and tax-season merchandise at the moment), but the individual, full-size eggs are checkout department items, and will probably be on an endcap or side-counter display by one of the cash registers. Take a tour across the front end, checking out the closed registers.

I didn’t see any Easter displays at WalMart or Target this week. But for some reason, Big Lots had a whole aisle of Easter stuff.

Ollie’s, on the other hand, still had some Halloween-themed poptarts for sale.

Must be Target’s war on Easter!


Shit, I got Reese’s PB Eggs at least two weeks ago at Safeway. They had a whole two-gondola display of Easter crap


Easter eggs appeared in supermarkets here back in January.

Walgreen’s has their Easter stuff out, too. They had some of it out even before Valentine’s Day.

:sings: There’s room on the cross for you.
We’ve saved and extra nail or two.
Though many have come, there’s still room for one,
Yes, there’s room on the cross for you :sings:

pardon me, I need to get back in my hand-basket.

Seven weeks is premature now? Really? Wow.

I guess you would’ve like the stores here that started putting out candy before Valentine’s Day was over with.

They make peanut butter easter eggs? <drool>

Reeces’ peanut butter egg isn’t much different from a cup. If I’m not mistaken, Cadbury makes a peanut butter egg.

There is some stuff out now, but it’s not wall-to-wall. I think it’s because Easter isn’t until the end of April this year. I don’t know if my experience is any indication, but I know people who won’t buy Easter candy until a week or two before Easter for baskets and such. They don’t want it in the house during Lent, and there’s no point in buying candy you won’t eat and which won’t be as fresh when you want it. I think at least some retailers are learning that lesson.

In Central PA, some of the larger churches’ women’s auxiliaries make peanut butter eggs from scratch and sell them at local businesses to make money. They’re awesome and a lot better than Reese’s eggs.