Eastern European/Slavic translation?

OK, I’ve hidden the link in my BIO section in my profile, since it is rather disturbing.

Once again, if you click on it–It’s disturbing.

The video shows some kind of meeting in possibly an Eastern European setting. The ‘meeting leader’ singles out one audience member–and proceeds to slap her in the face–repeatedly–over 20 times.

This video was circulating as a ‘cult/church’ meeting, but since I don’t speak the language, it could be anything.

Since I’m not a linguist I can’t identify what language he’s speaking, so I’m submitting it here to determine whether it’s of sufficient quality to make out a) what language it is, and b) exactly what his point of contention is with this one person.

According to the comments at Reddit, it’s a Russian sect called Troianova Tropa (Trojan Path). There are a couple of translations in the comments, but I can’t vouch for them. Apparently the woman was suspected of cheating on her husband.

Thank you. Apparently the chap’s name is Alexander Shevtsov, and he is. . . quite a character.