Easy Free Webhosting Service?

Hi all,

I’ve embarked on a small project that seems to be growing. One of my oldest friends will celebrate a birthday next week, and I’ve scanned quite a few photos from our childhood for her. I was going to e-mail them on her birthday, but then I started typing up my comments on each photo. The photos multiplied and the comments became rather lengthy and now I’m thinking it may be easier for her to access it all on a website.

I learned basic HTML eons ago, and still remember it, but suddenly don’t know where to park this stuff. Is there an easy-to-use free hosting service somewhere? I used to use Geocities now and then, but I see it no longer exists.

I’m looking for recommendations for a similar free service.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy — just for some text and photos — ideally, she should be able to right-mouse-click and download the photos onto her own PC if she wants to — and I’m hoping to find one that won’t plague my friend with pop-ups when she goes to visit her virtual birthday gift.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Considering your request is related directly to sharing photos, I might recommend a free photo service like Flickr (a free account will display the most recent 200 photos - should be enough for your needs)?