What is the best way to post a single picture online?

Ok, say I’ve got a pic that I want to share with all you guys. I don’t necesarily want it to be up forever, just for a week or two maybe.

I don’t have a webpage*.

What is the best way to post it? Do I…use a free domain from Geocities?

Set up an account at Webshots?

Or ask a friend to host it? What if I can’t find a friend who can do it right away?

*I’m terribly embarrassed to ask this question. I had my own web page for a long time. I’m *good * with computers. I just seem to have missed this part of it somehow. :o

I use Village Photos. They have a free level of service.


I could host the photo if you’d like.

I don’t have one now, but many times I’ve thought (be nice to share this, if I could).

So the best way is to find a free hosting service, right? I’ll try this Village thing.

Another option would be to create a dummy Yahoo! account, post the picture to it, and delete the account once you figure you’re done with it.

I’ve found ImageShack to be an easy, free way to host images. They have no bandwidth limitations, and, if you register (which is free), you can delete the images that you upload. If you don’t register, you can still upload images, though, which is pretty unique.

If you have OS X, or XP, I beleive, and a high-speed connection, you can host it yourself.

I like using Webshots myself, but there are dozens of places that work just as well.

There’s also http://tinypic.com/.

That one says “no nudity”, so I’m not sure it’s appropriate for Anaamika’s picture.

Just throwing PhotoBucket out there as another option. I like it because it automatically codes links and image tags for you, all you have to do is c&p them and paste them in wherever.

:eek: What the heck do you think I’m posting, Shib?

Besides, I learned my lesson long ago from other people. Never, ever post anything on the Internet that you don’t want to see come back to you as a Mastercard commercial.

Ok thanks people. I will use these things when I need to.

FYI, most of the free hosting services - like Tripod and Geocities - don’t allow you to link images remotely because they’re ad-supported. You can verify this by going to Google Images and searching for the name of an attractive female actress. For any link listed as being hosted by a free hosting service, click on the link Google provides - you’ll see an image that says “this image hosted by Geocities” or whathaveyou; you’ll have to open the actual webpage to see the pic, instead of just seeing the picture.

You could always create a blank web page with the picture in it, but you won’t be able to post pictures “in-line” on any message board and people will have to click on an HTM link instead of a JPG one.

Hey. Ya gotta have your dreams…

Exactly. Although I guess that email would do just as well for those sorts of pictures. And I promise I’d never use it in a Master Card commercial, tempting as that might be.

Nude photos of Anaamika… PRICELESS!!

Just checked out tinypic and it looks like exactly what you need - except you can’t delete pictures later, in case that matters to you.

:o I thought there was no flirting in this forum?

Although I’m terribly flattered. Two, not one! Hmm… I wonder how well they could get along? Always been curious about that.