eat as much as you like!!

This question really has to asked (well maybe not, but it is amusing). If someone is on death row and ask for an all you can eat buffet as their last meal, can they prolong their life as long as they keep eating? Hopefully we have some legal eagles out there to answer this as we know how frivilous the American legal system can be, you never know…

Let’s back up and ask…do you REALLY get a last meal? - Jinx

Aw c’mon dont be a spoil sport. But i did find this

Yes, they get a last meal. It’s from a menu. No buffet, no tricks, no waiting.

Not really good to have all that half digested food just before the kill you. I dont even wanna think what would happen if you tried that trick just before getting on the electric chair.

Besides, whats the real gain of extending your life by minutes or even hours?

Yeah, we all saw Da Ali G Show too. And a condemned prisoner’s last meal is not some kind of God-given right to eat as much as one likes. My understanding is they even turn down certain requests.

IIRC, usually death warrants include the time of execution, no? And the last meal is a matter of custom, not of law. I would imagine that when the time indicated on the warrant arrives, you’ve got to go, whether or not your meal is over.

Zev Steinhardt

Anyway, after a while your stomach would probably explode or something… so I don´t know if it really would make a difference. :rolleyes:

And if any state knows how to prepare a last meal, it’s Texas.

And did anyone check out pasty’s link. I mean, did you see how unhealthy those meals were - fried chicken, french fries, ice cream, double-meat cheeseburgers, double-fudge chocolate cake. If those guys aren’t careful they’ll end up with heart disease…


…and of course when they do get heart disease they can sue the prisons!

Well luckily for them then, they’re in for one hell of a defibrillator.