Eating (drinking) raw eggs

I have a protein shake daily and I add a couple raw eggs (pasteurized raw eggs to reduce the risk of salmonella) to it. I thought I was doing it safely by using the pasteurized eggs, but now it has been brought to my attention that raw eggs can cause a biotin deficiency. I did an article that adressed this at this site, but it really doesn’t show much proof.

Anyone know the truth of this?

I’ve read that this is true before also but its going to be hard to offer you a site that offers some kind of proof. I’ve also read many times before that certain amino acids in eggs aren’t absorbed as well by the body when eaten raw. It would probably be cheaper for you anyway to just buy some protein powder and add that to your daily shake. Save your eggs for breakfast.

I do use protein powder in my shake. I like adding the eggs, it seems to make the shake frothier, and more importantly (to me), it seems to keep me fuller longer than just a plain protein powder shake. I also eat eggs for breakfast. I am not a believer that eggs are bad, I happen to think they are one of the most perfect and healthy foods out there. I know that biotin deficiency can be unhealthy for pregnant women, but I am not, nor do I have plans to become pregnant.

So my question is mostly from a healthy woman’s perspective, I’d hate to lose my hair because I’m eating to many raw eggs. I have about two a day. Maybe this is unrelated, but my nails are the best they have ever been in my life - I swear they are unbreakable. My nails have been weak and scraggly all my life and now they are wonderful. Could this be from eggs?

This idea came from some boxing movie, didn’t it? Or was it around before Raging Bull?
I too have wondered why raw eggs.

I don’t like boxing and besides the movie Rocky I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boxing movie. I am low-carbing. Both protein powder and eggs are low-carb, hence my shakes. Cooked eggs wouldn’t blend into shakes as easily, once raw eggs are blended up I don’t taste or see them. They fill me right up, though, and I get tired of cooked eggs.

You might find your answer somewhere in here

Sorry, Boscibo if I seemed to be poking fun at you. I wasn’t.
I’ve known a few people who swear by eating raw eggs, unadorned, as a tonic. A couple of guys even had a special tool that would poke a small hole in one end, and a larger hole in the opposite end, so they could suck the egg right out of the shell.
I don’t think there’s any scientific data to back up this claim, that raw eggs are beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Sounds fishy to me, though.
I do, however, like real cesar salad.
BTW; eating a lot of eggs does raise your cholestrol, and that can be bad. Whatever happened to gelatin for your nails?

From omni-not’s post;

Sheesh! :dubious:
The key to safely eating ice is to melt it first.
Sorry, I had to share.

Sorry, sometimes I am way too serious about things. I’ll try to lighten up. :wink:

PS - My cholesterol is fairly low, despite my egg habit and my high-ish meat consumption (since I low-carb). I was surprised the last time I had mine checked, but it is actually lower now than when I was eating high-carb - maybe it is my higher veggie consumption. Gelatin is icky. But like I said, my nails are wonderful, I can’t stop painting and filing them. Man, they look great. I just don’t want to lose my hair.

Since nails and hair are made from the same substance, presumably what would be good for one would also be good for the other.