Eating frozen vegetables

My 16 month old daughter is eating some frozen green beans for lunch. I guess the cold makes her teeth and gums feel better, she is getting in her two year molars. She likes frozen corn and frozen broccoli as well. Does anyone else eat vegetables while they are frozen?

My son used to eat frozen green beans, but doesn’t anymore. It isn’t vegetables, but we both love to eat frozen strawberries. Frozen mango is ok, too.

I like to eat frozen sweet peas. Also like Thinks2Much I like frozen berries, and such, but they really arent veggies :slight_smile:

I’ll still munch on frozen veggies occassionally, like green beans, peppers, and the sort. On a side note, whe I got my tongue pierced, frozen french fries were the only thing i could eat for 2 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

So how does frozen corn look in the diaper later?
I remember when my kids were little and started eating corn (not frozen, though), it always seemed to pass right through them completely unchanged.
Made for some interesting poops.
“Oh, look! Junior had corn yesterday!” :smiley:

I find a baggie of frozen peas performs a dual function with my little girls (8 and 4):

  1. As a quick and soothing icepack for immediate tratment of bumps to the noggin

  2. As a quick and easy snack (they both love to eath them straight from the bag)

I prefer them cooked, but hey, I’m wierd… :rolleyes:

I haven’t changed a poopy diaper since she started solids, so I don’t know first hand. The deal was that I’d nurse and he and KellyM would deal with the output.

Hubby reports that corn passes pretty much intact, but hey, it does for him too. He says he only lets her have corn once a day at most for that reason.

Frozen bananas (did you know that the banana is actually a vegetable?!?[sup]*[/sup]) - peeled and wrapped in cling film before freezing - are fantastic!

[sup]*Not actually true, except in the broad and unexciting sense that all plants are part of the vegetable kingdom[/sup]


I find the idea of frozen bananas intriguing,unless that’s also a fiction.

::adusts 200 watt bulb directly into suspects eyes::

WELL,IS IT TRUE OR NOT,MAGGOT. Oops, typo…I meant Mangetout.

No; it’s true; if you are on a diet and crave ice cream, peel and wrap some bananas, then freeze them (best if they are on the ripe side, but not mushy) - they taste trally great - you can also put them on sticks and coat in chocolate before freezing, but that option isn’t quite so diet-friendly.

Watch out for the banana worms though.

You can buy chocolate covered frozen bananas at the grocery store (at least my local Jewel has them), if you’re too lazy to make your own. They are very good.

I forgot, I also like frozen dill pickle - slice it up, then freeze it. That is closer to a vegetable than the strawberries I mentioned earlier.

Frozen green grapes are also tasty.

Well,**Mangetout,**I’m gonna try it.I am on a diet (Atkins) so no chocolate for me,but It sounds good.

Gotta remember to clean the banana worms out of my freezer. It’s always rife with them in there.

Frozen grapes of all colors and sizes are delish. And frozen berries.

But I would have to say that my favorite thing fresh from the freezer is a Snickers bar.:smiley:

Are bananas Atkins-compatible? - I thought they were quite high in carbohydrates.

Count me in as a frozen-pea muncher… they’re like Skittles, only healthier (and they don’t leave your tongue multicoloured or have a horrid aftertaste or leave you with a nasty insulin crash… so, er, not much like Skittles).

Yeah,you’re right Mangerout, you insufferable naysayer.(And screw that pompous Atkins,too.)
I got wrapped up in the sound of frozen bananas,and was thinking of the potassium content,which seemed like a good thing because I’ve had some bad cramps lately. But my online Atkins site says that bananas should only be tried when I hit my target weight,which I figure should be in 15 to 20 years.
What with the recent SF dopefest and my sister and BIL coming from Florida this October,I fear for my carbohydratic life.
Oh well,the upside is that I probably won’t be alive that much longer anyway.

I’m an ice cruncher from way back. I’ll eat most ANYTHING frozen. Veggies are good, so are chicken pucks, and tater tots.

Sorry,Mangetout about mangling your name.
Mangey route,hee,hee…

It was pretty common for moms of my moms generation to freeze cooked green (string) beans for babies who were teething. I was just a kid myself, so I don’t remember much detail.
You might want to turn your head for this;
I was also common for moms to suck the snot out of baby’s little nosey-wosey.
Warned ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring…