Ebay ashtrays?

I saw all these ashtrays for sale on ebay. Are people collecting these things (I guess)? Is there going to be any money in the things?

Ever go to a fair and they have a game where you toss a dime? If it stays in the ashtray, you win it!
Oh, you mean something else. Yes, there are folks that collect ashtrays. They are grouped in a class of collectibles called smokiana or tobaccoana. That also includes lighters, pipes and other smoking accessories. I have a couple, they are both tire promos, one from Goodyear and one from Firestone. They are both a glass ashtray inside of a replica tire. And I paid over $50 for each of them and consider them a good buy.

I’ve sold ashtrays on eBay that I picked up at yard sales. Made a nice profit too.