Ebay contradiction of claiming to work but "as is"

I’ve been looking for a camera. There’s a box you check to indicate whether the camera is working, whether it’s just for parts, etc.

Sometimes I’ll see a user check this box:

But then in the item description

They can’t do that, right? If the item arrived and it was totally non-functional, their original declaration of having it in working order would be fradulent. Would ebay get involved here, or how would that work?

Ebay is strongly biased towards buyers. All you would have to do is dispute the purchased through PayPal, and it would most likely be resolved in your favor.

That said, I think the seller is certainly within his rights to list the item that way. For example, say the camera has some bad wear marks on it, that don’t affect its functionality - listing it “as is” portects the seller from finicky buyers.

Well, he’s saying as-is, absolutely no return, so what if it shows up to me in 3 pieces? I could claim “wtf, you lied when you listed it as working” and he could say “it says AS IS!”

I assume he’d be on the wrong in ebay’s eyes if this were to happen?


Yes. Because “as is” isn’t the only thing it says in the item description.

I’ve listed things “as is” but made clear that they worked when I last used them simply because it’s been, in some cases, years since I last used them. Sold a used car stereo that way, and a butt-load of computer parts. I see it as being honest, and word it that way: it worked fine last I knew, but I’m not about to disconnect what I’m using now to plug it in and check, so it’s as-is just in case.

I start my auctions at $0.99, so it’s not like I’m asking people to take a giant risk. :slight_smile:

I believe that in the context of the ad, he is giving you a warranty of fitness of the product to the best of his good-faith knowledge. The as-is component simply describes the future warranties that he is providing for the product.

For example, if he sells you a car, he is telling you that it is in good working condition and will run right now and is giving you his good faith assessment that there is nothing wrong with it.

However, if you get to the next red light and the engine blows up, it’s on you. No 3/36 warranty. As-is.

Now, if the mechanic finds the old the old sawdust in the gears trick a la Andy Griffith, then he has fraudulently concealed a material fact because the “good faith” aspect is not there.

This issue has a built in solution: email the seller. Sounds like you want to make sure the camera is working to your satisfaction. And if it’s not you will want to return it. Good sellers with 100% reputation will usually say yes… but if not move on(!).

As far as those condition statements eBay writes those, and the seller has to choose one of them (ie. brand new or used). Sell something and you will know. Btw ebay has a lot of boards for these kinds of q’s. :slight_smile:

Yes, but as-is is one of the choices. I also see people choose Used and then later say it doesn’t work. Parts/repair is one of the options.